Today at 5 CDT join Electronic Frontier Alliance member @rt4mn for a town hall discussion on banning government use of face surveillance in Minneapolis.

Genitals are a scam by underwear companies to sell more underwear

at least with additional goggles or something? haven't actually tested it...

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Ironically, masks are pretty nice against facial recognition software...

What however about a police man who comes close and tries to force me, say, to wear a mask, while possibly infecting me? (Although I might very well already be wearing one from my own volition.)

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„Taadaaaa…“, da ist die SPD mal wieder umgekippt.

Die #Bundesregierung beschließt den #Staatstrojaner für alle Geheimdienste

Alle 19 Geheimdienste von Bund und Ländern dürfen demnächst heimlich Geräte hacken. Die Bundesregierung hat einen entsprechenden Gesetzentwurf beschlossen. Lange hatte die #SPD Bauchschmerzen, jetzt ist sie #umgekippt.

100% death rate, yet somehow, despite logic, everyone has caught it right now, except you

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Even in a hypothetical ultra pandemic, I see no reason to take away personal freedom. I have absolutely no problem with keeping my distance from people and leaving them their freedom. Even egoistically, why would I want to get close to possibly highly infectious people? A friendly, freedom-respecting "Hi!" from a distance is enough. And if 2 people both want to come closer to each other, that's the same as the family that can stay together according to the laws as well...

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Uhm Folgende and Follower means the same

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