"I don't care“ is just a lie of those who don't understand.

Kindness doesn't have its origin in terror

You may love her and she loves you
But I can offer her this half country I stole and fuck her

Networks at work...keeping people calm.
You know they went after King...when he spoke out on Vietnam.

The world never felt more Cyberpunk as it did since Corona

You try to terrorize me
To get me to do what you want

status: listening to Japanese progressive rock songs.

Meine Freunde
Sind homosexuell
Meine Freunde
Sind alle kriminell

Sie ficken sich ganz einfach so
Gegenseitig in den Po
Und das macht ihnen auch noch Spaß
Dürfen die das?

if you're on fedi you're automatically cute as fuck

I need at least one account with unlimited weirdness. Pure freedom in various subtle ways...

What could be more general, more abstract than a theoretical computer scientist?
A human.

Ich bin das Produkt - und schaffe den Ausstieg nicht.

"Diaspora statt Facebook, Mastodon statt Twitter, PeerTube statt Youtube, Pixelfed statt Instagram. Wer Tweets lesen möchte, ohne sich dabei Cookies einzufangen, kann die Software Nitter verwenden."

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