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The Gatalog presents:

The 'Everytown' 3D Printable AR15 22lr Magazine - a CMMG-compatible 22lr AR15 mag with a standard 25 round capacity.

Learn More -

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Blood for the Blood God.
Your monthly reminder to RTFM.
(Thats Darwin. Charles Darwin is the Blood God.)
Send me your Art of the Blood God

Credit - @Brax

A pair from applehat on the team chat.
Replace your "build an ar" with "print a pew" addictions.

Oooh progress on some new dev. Anyone wanna take a guess?

Join the Church of the Gucci Glock because all the cheap parts are gone.

Save 5% in the shop with 'LiveFreeOrDie'

Finally able to run off a Lopoint V2. I need a range to live on a shooting range.

A friendly reminder to do the needful.
Go to the link in the image or go to the link in the bio.
All will be revealed.

Well what do we have here...
A most excellent HDMI cable, a case of mediocre drill bits...oh and look at that... 80% sure it's about to be arms.

I've decided to rollup all the relevant Memorial Day deals that are actually not bad on my website. We'll be updating this page throughout the week.

Wear a mask /shrug/

Save 5% in the shop with 'LiveFreeOrDie'

The Gatalog presents

An AR15 Foregrip Accessory Pack.

Learn more.

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