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Not sure who sent this to me. I think it was from the team chat.

Guys, we have to stop those black rifles. They're evil.

Creedit -tnert07 on twitter.

Heyyy i got hoodies.

Save 5% in the shop with 'LiveFreeOrDie'

The most interesting place on the internet.

Save 5% in the shop with 'LiveFreeOrDie'

We're back to filming today. Sorry I've been out for so long. Videos soon.

Become ungovernable.

Save 5% in the shop with 'LiveFreeOrDie'

The Dagny Dagger project is interesting.

Save 5% in the shop with 'LiveFreeOrDie'

I've decided to set up a deals page for when I spot something good. We're working on a vendor directory for the community too.

We did some merit badges to mark your achievements. We cant check so scouts honor and all that.

Save 5% in the shop with 'LiveFreeOrDie'

The Gatalog presents:
File Drop: Lopoint V2 3D Printable HiPoint C9/CF380 Frame by Freeman1337

More here -

Join the community at

I haven't memed in a little while.

If you want to learn to print visit the guide. We've been hammering away on some updates and will get them published very soon.

It makes me so happy to see so many of these out in the wild.

Another one from the community chat.

It seems like theyve stopped screwing with me for the moment. Follow my new gram commonsensectrlpew.

And stop by the link in my bio to sign up for my newsletter so we can keep in touch.

Back on the slicer. Doing the "really nice show off for the cameras" print now.

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