The Dagny Dagger project is interesting.

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@gat @ctrlpew

Interesting project!

Been looking into ammunition in europe, and it's tough. I think that perhaps a 3d printed shotgun with 3d printed ammo might be the quickest route to a gun in europe.

In sweden they are starting to require a license for almost everything related to guns, so it seems that printing your own ammo, making your own gun powder and primers is the "easiest" way to go.

9mm or .22 seems to be too small and fiddly to do so I doubt I would ever find the time (...)

@gat @ctrlpew to create that kind of ammunition from scratch. =(

Or, lacking that, maybe I should bite the bullet and learn about 50 types of ducks, take a test and just get a regular shotgun? ;)

But I do enjoy the planning of how I in theory could print my own.

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