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That's fine.

Just remember that if you depend on a company for things, your fate is tied to theirs. If you really don't want to care about companies, you need to be fully self-reliant and produce everything you need yourself. Otherwise, you have an interest in the survival of at least certain companies as well as the companies in their supply chain.

Seems kinda cruel nowadays, but whatever works lol

kdenlive stands for


Totally feelin' this one ... won't be discussing it with a therapist though.

The child abuse on the left of trying to indoctrinate kids into weird gender ideology has it's roots in their obsession the ideas of "white patriarchy" normal family structure.

It isn't "cool" to be a straight male or a trad female, so they want to turn kids into something that they aren't because they abhor "normalcy." Producing a kid who fits the norms of society would reflect poorly on them, so they abuse the kid.

@chillanarchist01 basically you stick a couple acupuncture needles into a cork and whisk around the coffee in the porta filter to remove clumps.

Some use paper clips or tooth picks but they could also cause channeling rather than remove if too wide, the sweet spot seems to be around 0.3mm needles.

Here's where it started

TPL, one of the largest landowners in Texas, Mawson Infrastructure and JAI Energy have partnered in West Texas for a 60 MW bitcoin mining venture.

@Fall_Of_Fiat covers the news:

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Why do fake plants exist? They never look as nice and don't provide any benefits (clean air, appearance).

It was the helicopters with those god damn search lights that were the most depressing thing about LA suburbs because, not only were they noisy as hell, the inference was, "We're watching you!"

It's a Big Brother atmosphere!

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The Patriot Act authorizes the President to imprison people without a trial for unlimited amounts of time.

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