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The CRT bigots must portray people seeking to be moral as despots, in order to sell their version of despotism as moral.

A male makes history by beating/choking woman on live television! It’s about as bad as it gets! McLaughlin spent six years serving in the US special forces as a man!

PIERS MORGAN: It made me sick to watch a once-male special forces combat veteran beat up a woman on TV - it’s time to stop this trans sport insanity before women start being killed!

It was the moment ideology met cold, hard reality.

#PiersMorgan #SaveWomensSports #SexNotGender #AlanaMcLaughlin #MMA

Hardcore Modded Minecraft? 1.7.10 kitchen sink pack? What's going on here? Come see how many worlds I make before I rage quit!

“Vee have been patient. But our patience is vearing thin.”

"All their power, all their strength is irrelevant in the face of angry men who simply say, “No.”"

Quietly Say "No" to Joe Biden's Call for Civil War

Fuck Trudeau and Uncle Sam!

I want to drive my sweet, sweet minivan into Canada.

[RT @ElectionWiz]
WATCH: For the 9th consecutive Saturday, throngs of people across France take to the streets to protest the government’s vaccine mandate and health pass.

◽US Senate candidate Jackson Lameyer has been approved by Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers ." The main priority is the integrity of the elections. We need an audit in all 50 states, " says Lameyer.

Since those laws are never going away, the best solution for the unvaccinated is to cancel themselves.

Stop working for corporations/governments entirely, because those are the most likely to fire you for being unvaccinated. Working for small businesses which are not incorporated is the next best option.
The best option is to become self-employed.

Either way, get two or more sources of income going.

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Civil rights laws are going to be used to cancel the unvaccinated, just as those laws were used to cancel racists.

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