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Ordinary employees who fully believe the news will start claiming that, "working with the unvacinated makes this company a hostile work environment."

Employers cannot fire someone for making that claim; they would be severelly fined by the Federal government. Instead, they will go the easy route and just fire the unvaccinated individual.

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Not only is this legal, it is mandated by Federal laws that have been on the books since the 60s. Moreover, The Supreme Court has enshrined those laws a completely constitution.

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@seanongley they have been wanting to do that since before Hillary's book "it takes a village".

Here are 63 studies (44 peer reviewed) all showing substantial benefits of treating Covid with Ivermectin. I cringe when I see someone on a news program or on Twitter saying that there is no evidence that it will help. Tweet this on Twitter or anywhere else where you see someone making that claim:

Australian Premier Dan Andrews says soon you won’t be able to buy or trade in the economy there unless you get the vaccine, he then talks about unvaccinated people as if they’re monsters who just spread viruses 24/7. This isn’t about the vaccine. It’s about freedom and control.

CDC changes vaccination definition ... The truth is inconvenient.

“The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth.”

― George Orwell, 1984

India is reaching herd immunity with only 10% vaccination rate. While Iceland and Israel are not, with over 90% vaccination rate.

I particularly liked this line in the article. *"While lockdowns hammer the curve directly, natural exposure during leaky lockdowns facilitates that hammering,"*

Leaky lockdowns are actually BETTER than tight lockdowns, because they facilitate manageable spread, boosting antibodies within the community. That prevents with next "wave"

◽SpaceX has announced the launch date of the first civilian space mission, Inspiration 4, setting it for September 15. The crew consists of four people. The commander of the mission is the owner of Draken International, a company that trains pilots, Jared Isaakman.

The death penalty is bad enough in itself. Having a death sentence hanging over one's head for over 20 years goes beyond outrageous, but it's the norm when people are sentenced to die.

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