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Until you've been on the receiving end of winners that were picked, and they weren't you, you have no idea how much it sucks. My Dad was put into what was basically solitary confinement in the nursing home for almost a year in an attempt to allegedly save obese and/or othewise defective vaxholes. He died of despair. He paid the price so others could live. And they do not give a shit. Selfish bastards. Schadenfruede as their organs mutate into sludge in the coming years.

"In 1681 Lord Baltimore had a law passed forbidding the dissemination of “false” news—that is, news aiming to stir up unrest and rebellion—in an attempt to hamper the Fendall movement."
Conceived in Liberty by Murray N. Rothbard

Fake news isn't new.

Police are the only people who can negligently brandish and discharge a firearm on a regular basis and more often then not get off with a slap on the wrists and their job intact.

Asking for a little help here...
The White House and media are telling us that "misinformation" on Covid is killing people. I'm having trouble using the CDC site to find the number of people who died from "misinformation." Can anyone send me the link?

I tell you what, Michael Crichton wrote better pandemic fiction than these fucking yahoos.

"Anarchy won't work because it can't protect itself from an invading force"

A force can't invade if there are no roads.

winning - Inventor of , censored for explaining it can't detect

Nobel Prize winning
Prof , discoverer of , for saying that it is effective

French Nobel Prize Winning Prof. censored for saying "covid vaccines" are dangerous

(inventor of tech.) censored for saying "covid vaccines" are dangerous

"": Everyone is crazy, they know better, the party is always right.

Funny how people never speak with refugees and prisoners from socialist and communist countries when they espouse the glory of Marx.

Anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows these tyrants will approve the shots because they are a part of the overall permanent enslavement agenda.

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