Man Believes He Is Teaching His Child How To Earn A Living, When In Fact, He Is Trying To Convince Himself That Sucking Dick Is A Good Thing

@akeno nothing is proof if you dismiss it as nothing but a psyop.

@akeno No, but Monero's own documents prove that it can be traced. Stop living in a fantasy world. Monero has never been private. There is no such thing as "security through obscurity".

@SeaRobb Immigration is handled unconstitutionaly anyway. The Constitution specifies that the Federal government only has the power of naturalization while immigration is up to the several States.

@akeno "The way the output is hidden is by constructing a ring (hence thename) of decoy outputs. But these decoys are not 'fake' outputs’. They are real past outputs from the blockchain that have nothing to do with the present transaction [...] each of these outputs might look equally probable as the real one. The size of the set of decoy outputs, plus the real one is called the ringsize, and currently Monero’s is eleven. So there are ten decoy outputs and one real one."

@akeno it's in Monero's technical documentation about how it "hides" transactions. It's literally 3-Card Monty.

@akeno Monero is not untraceable. It's literally 3-card Monty.

Alecks Gates: "Podcasting 2.0 – Evolution of Podping"

Meet a real Web3 app, not some VC bull.

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