Getting closer to Klaus Schwab's dream every day: "Jobs Report: Everyone Has One and Nobody’s Happy"


@adam I don't buy into (un)employment rate numbers. They are based on assumptions made from data when people try to file for unemployment. Maybe there are other metrics they pull from that I don't know of, but that number seems awful low for what I'm seeing around me and hearing from those closer to being 'in the know' than I am.

@chillanarchist01 @adam
I will NEVER again file for unemployment benefits since NYS and 29 (more?) other states now require 'verification of identity' via I will NEVER create an account/profile with or any such 'identity verification' entity. Therefore, I will never again be able to file a claim for benefits.

@danieljfranco1 @adam honestly wanting to make sure that the proper person is filing/getting benefits like this is good, I don't want the government involved.

@chillanarchist01 @adam
Eventually, ID profiles/data will be hacked or leaked. They manage tens (>hundred?) of millions of ID accounts. MANY have had significant issues w/ w/creating accts and/or getting services provided, such as unemployment benefits. requires video-selfie & other data that is everything that a hacker would need to remotely impersonate anyone. I refuse to give such data at all but particularly never to one company. Please research

@danieljfranco1 @adam I'm not even talking about just I'm just talking in general, identity services are a valuable asset. If you don't want any of your data hacked or breached ever, gtfo the Internet and never return.

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