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I have a fatal medical condition.
I’m sorry it took so long to tell everyone publicly, it took time to build up the courage.
I’m deathly allergic to tyranny.
It makes me break out in rebellion.

Brevard County Florida school employees used nylon rope to tie a mask onto a female nonverbal down syndrome student every day for 6 weeks. One day they forgot to remove it and sent her home, which is how her dad found out.


I know some of us here are really good on their online practices, but because I feel the threat is so big, I felt it deserved being shared (please forgive if you disagree).


Those both are targeting gamer's so I felt it was appropriate to share with my gaming friends.

5) MY father, a highly successful VP who was very confident and assertive ... somehow got in to see an eye surgeon during the peak of Covid in early 2020.

Because he was in a wheel chair, I was allowed to take him in.

The largest Kaiser facility in a metro area of millions ... and it was EMPTY. Nobody in the hospital.

Thankfully they reattached his retina and many weeks later .. he emerged from near total blindness.

He is doing great now, a one eyed wonder ... who now values his bad eye.

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4) Early during Covid, my father was recovering from an eye surgery.

As it turns out, something had gone wrong ... and he was suddenly BLIND.

He was supposed to be blind for 2-3 weeks, but after that would start seeing things ... he never did.

At this point, the only things he could saw was from his one "dead" eye (from glaucoma) ... which he never cared about.

Suddenly, the one eye with 10% vision was the only thing guiding him ... and kept him from running into walls.

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3) It never made any sense to me why you would drop treatment of something more serious, like Cancer or other terminal conditions.

However, they did just that with my mother. She beat cancer a bunch of times, often against the odds ... but this time, stopped over covid, which was frankly a lot less dangerous than her cancer or autoimmune issues.

In the end, she wanted the jabs and the 2nd one did her in quickly.

She lived a full life.

But for those who want to live, consider your options!

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2) I know some will be triggered by this post or want to debate survival percentages and age groups ...

But the point it ... we have survived worse things, and done basically nothing.

The Amish are smart folks ... and because they don't use technology much ... they actually benefited.

I stopped watching all MSM and I benefitted also.

I didn't realize how much they were mind controlling you with the content and nonstop messaging.

This is especially true for those who don't bother to verify.

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This thing is largely 99.9% survivable for most under 55.

It jumps to 99.9999x territory if your 18 or under.

Yes, to the 60+ crowd, they might need to be vaccinated from a risk/reward perspective ... but it should be their choice.

What is going on, however, is a uncontrolled power grab.

Not a responsible reaction.

IMHO, this might not even be a legit pandemic, considering all the BS tests used, the deception used and the lies from MSM, big tech and government agencies.

It's not the plague

I kinda feel sorry for kids named Brandon now.

Going live with some hardcore modded Minecraft! Will he die? Will he progress past living like a heathen? Will Joe actually build something other than rectangular structures?! The answers to these questions and more at:

At the elementary school my significant other works at ... the school principal LIES and claims the reason everyone has to wear masks ... is because the unvaccinated folks want the masks instead of vaccines


do you really think the people who didn't want the vaccine ... are also the ones pushing masks?!


And yet nobody calls them out on it.

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