@dave I used to live in a small town with a high Hispanic population, and the tamale lady who sold freshly made authentic tamales outside the hardware store was a local superhero. :solidsnakesalute:

Yeah they buy all the corn and meat for themselves, do the assembly, and then they flip pre-built tamales on the open market for a profit. Disgusting behavior

By moving to trash their relations with Russia, Sweden and Finland's leaders are taking their people down a dangerous road

Neutrality has been abandoned for no objective reason other than American-driven Russophobia


✨TONIGHT✨ the one and only @jennifer joins @SirSpencer and I in the Bowl for Bowls With Buds, the irregularly scheduled #BowlAfterBowl guest show!

We'll be✨LIVE & LIT✨ at 7 PM Central.

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Not even eighteen months in office and Biden has already reduced American's to bicycles.

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