The primary aim of #competition in the #freemarket ought to be promoting #differentiation rather than mere low prices, as the former is favorable towards a large distribution of businesses in a sector, whereas the latter drives towards a winner-takes-all #consolidation and #monopolization.

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It’s now the β€œliberal” warriors who[…]’ve set abt attempting to create & impose[…]a new conception of the sacred[…], along w/ its natural corollary: the conception of blasphemy (, , & the like).
/s […]have sought to fight this new menace[…]by appealing to classical bromides concerning , , & the necessity of a public square that’s agnostic abt ultimate metaphysical goods.

" are based on obligations which come from nature. There is no such thing as a right without an obligation to establish it. People think that is achieved by protecting . In reality, is achieved by protecting ."

~David W. Cooney

"By having children, parents are obligated to care for, educate, and raise them to be virtuous people. They also become obligated to support and care for one another, for the of each other and the children they are obligated to raise."

~David W. Cooney

" [...] takes an older view of the idea, where the 'contract' may establish the form of government and who will hold the positions of government, but is limited in terms of establishing the functions of government."

~David W. Cooney

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"The government of a community exists by virtue of the community's existence, and its authority is over precisely those things which deal with preserving the of each member and the totality of its members in matters that go beyond their own authority."

~David W. Cooney

"Even if the choice of leaders and the precise definition of laws involves the choice of its members, the existence and authority of a community's government is by its nature, by the needs it exists to fulfill to preserve the ." ~David W. Cooney

"An important difference between and the view more commonly accepted in our society is that the higher levels don't get their authority from the lower levels. What authority they have is natural to them by their existence." ~David W. Cooney

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Modern political ideologies, explained: 

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