@HealthRanger Um, but does this still apply when this virus hasn't been isolated? Because it definitely hasn't been isolated, I researched it in detail. The Viral RNA they present is a computer assembled puzzle of various DNA fragments (yes! they reverse transcribe first) and there's no knowing what's what. I think they are just going for more fear and more lockdowns. This Dr. Bossche is a Bill Gates clown and is driving the fear.

@nvk I tried to find out if Overstock still holds some Bitcoin. Really they were one of the first public traded companies to do so. Sadly Patrick Byrne stepped down, he was the real visionary there.

@Tulipan81 We should introduce a rule that prohibits empty blocks when the mempool is full. Probably has already discussed before.

@nvk This years' model should have an extra digit for good measure 😆

@nvk People should just stick to weed. Way healthier.

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Martin Geddes: So it turns out that the person who wrote a paper on how most deaths from the 1918 influenza pandemic were actually from bacterial pneumonia caused by mask wearing is the very person who is now shilling masks for the elite who want you dead. That's a long sentence but you just cant make this sh*t up.


@Tulipan81 What does 1.25 mean? They didn't include any transactions?

If the biggest private censor of speech is shilling it, I am now suspicious of GrapheneOS

@[email protected] I‘d say „You will own nothing and no one cares if you’re happy“

@verretor man I Hope the CEO of GameStop does the right thing: sell stocks near ATH and buy Bitcoin for the treasury Saylor style. Long term short protection built in.

@verretor Molt is still around? I last heard of him 2017 scamming people into bad mining investments.

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@HealthRanger This is not insider info from Sydney but mainstream news reporting. He is stepping down because he lost his coalition partner and therefore the majority in parliament. Dispute was over covid measures and not about US elections.


@giacomozucco There will shortly be an interview with Saylor on the Nomad Capitalist channel. Should be interesting.

"Little detail: 400,000 Americans did not die of “Covid-19” in 2020. Neither did half that number. Nor a third, nor one 10th. If we are generous to the scare-mongers, the real number is only 4.2% of the genocidal drama number, 400,000, namely: 16,848."


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Also, for the record, I don't know whether the "corporation vs. republic" theory of current events is anything that's going to pan out. It's a fascinating legal theory, and it has been cited by one of my key sources, but to me it still sounds very difficult to see how "paperwork" is going to be the decisive factor here. So much of government stems from FALSE authority anyway. 90% of what government does is bluffing. And if people accept the bluff, then the bluff has power.

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