Those who "fight for the workers" hate thier everloving guts
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I keep seeing the idea of “maintaining essential services” conflated with keeping everything open. Indoor dining is not an essential service. Nor is a barber shop, a tanning salon, a gift shop. What makes these “essential” is that govt refuses to pay anyone to stay home.

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I need your help!!!

I need another band like STEELY DAN where I can get high and listen to all their songs and be perfect!


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One of these men will teach you about life and how to be a man. The other is Ethan Klein.

Block me then you passive aggressive bitch

I hope your children are fed to lions on PPV
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@brychan Then leave me alone. BTW … I’m not talking about a totalitarian state, but you are too stupid to realize that.

I don’t want to argue with you or change your mind
I also don’t want to share a country with you.

I wish you to live in the totalitarian shithole you advocate for
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@brychan You are 🦇💩🤪.
Good luck out there.

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_ ______________
\ \ | GOAL! ___/
\ ________/
\ ______/
/ \ @StLouisBlues - 1
\____/ @MapleLeafs - 0

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670 days to flatten the curve

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Does this mean snot-nosed censors at YouTube will come to my office and kiss my … and admit I was right?

Blues legend Chris Pronger has morphed into Jim Gaffigan’s younger brother

There is no such thing as “public” anything. There is only a series of pretenses used to surrender more of your autonomy to the state

Also nice John Oliver impression
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@brychan Ummm NO ... if you mean to say that I think liberty is a luxury, then you are dead wrong. If you think that following basic Public Health measures is living in fear, then you are an idiot. Is that what you're trying to project on me?

They want you to think liberty is a luxury and living in fear is normal.
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@Claudia_Sahm Resistance to Public Health is why COVID continues to wreck us. Conflation of luxury with liberty and the notion of faith over fear are deadly. Anti-science aggression fuels a culture of destruction that will keep forcing us to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

In Ferguson they arrest you after you graduate high school as a right of passage
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Have you been arrested?

You know why
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1. I own a house
2. I paid taxes when I bought it.
3. Now I want to sell it.
4. I have to pay taxes on the money from the sale

Why the fuck do I have to include the government in literally every single transaction?

Wordle 210 4/6


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