The rustling of the papers, just before he demonstrates that she's misrepresenting the linguistic reality of the period (aka, what the words meant at the time,) and perhaps projecting her modern basis onto things she has absolutely no qualification to do so...

Everyone listen to Naomi Wolf realize on live radio that the historical thesis of the book she's there to promote is based on her misund…

This is the culmination of a year of strife, constant governmental roadblocks (imagine that) and $1000s of dollars BEFORE I could actually buy a car.

I feel like Frodo right now.

"Tell him what's behind door #3 Wink..."


The latest Liberty & Death (Metal) is out! Thanks to

I masturbated with CBD lotion and my penis moved to Berkeley to learn ceramics

RT Who will win Stanley’s Cup?

Buying a car tomorrow.

They say to should shop around for 5 years buuut...

1. It's cheap.
2. It's an Enterprise lease car
3. I really don't care beyond that it's not flaming pink and it runs.
4. The payments work.
5. It's under 60K M

You have 24 hrs to convince me otherwise.

Well that's glaringly obvious.
@Q_Beckett i have very little investment in what modes of knowledge production are "scientific" or not

He's the walking definition of being, "A legend in his own mind."

It seems odd that this book would not be about the New Left, which is a clear and present danger.

Tens of thousands of overt communists indoctrinating the young in universities across America, but the focus is on Chris Cantwell?

What if we talked about some lessons from Avenatti?
1. Beware obvious media hounds.
2. Someone is not trustworthy or good just because they hate and oppose someone awful.
3. The enemy of your enemy may not be your friend.
4. Combativeness is not the same as character.

The latest Liberty & Death (Metal) is out! Thanks to

Pilotwings was BOOOORRIIIING.
POLL: Only Gen X/Xennials need apply here, because you pretty much had to be 11-16 at the time to have a deeply felt opinion on this, but which was the better ORIGINAL CONSOLE RELEASE Super Nintendo game? I'm not including Super Mario World because c'mon now.

Dancing like an old white boy to Gloria in my living room.

If you see me in the garage practicing my nunchucks with my crocs on just keep driving I’m in the zone and I don’t want you getting pregnant.

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