Somebody just saw and his fam in a commercial for Universal Studios... 😉

Prohibition created the American gangster you idiots

Broadcaster Saves World from Fake News! Seasoned pro is now on LBRY. Watch his channel here: Learn more:

Your dick is still on the throne. He’s bigger than your opposition, greater than your sickness, more powerful than your enemies.

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كان الناس البيض يختبئون الهوكي

less politics, more baseball

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So funny Sabre’s fans booing Ryan O’Reilly. God knows if they saw him in the street they would be asking for selfies, trying to touch his beard, kiss his feet and then tweet about it.

I’ve never understood why Mariah Carey was a thing.

Different strokes I guess. 🤷🏼‍♂️

The Conservatives!!!😱😱😱
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‘Hi, mommy....’
— ‘Don’t Go To Sleep’ (1982)

Die Hard
Die Hard
Die Hard
Die Hard
Die Hard
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Top 5 action films
10. Total Recall
9. Home Alone
8. Home Alone 2
7. Days Of Thunder
6. Mrs. Doubtfire
5. Kindergarten Cop
4. Die Hard
3. Big
2. Brewster's Millions
1. Top Gun

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TIL Eleanor Roosevelt hated the Kennedys and tried to strangle JFK's campaign while it was still in the cradle:

Seriously, guys. This freaking podcast.

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@getongab Libertarians will continue to blast you for your ideological impurity. Meanwhile, us America First patriots understand that in the real world, porn is used as a weapon of political control.

LPT: ALWAYS have an alt.

Somebody pissed off Statist Hang0ut 🥳

Maybe now that I pissed off Jerry Farewell stans I’ll rock this handle for a minute.

And to think...
I WAS going to spam their replies with m1dget p0rn.

Turns out I didn’t even need to.

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