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What did you do with the other 50 seconds?
"An undergrad just popped her head in my office to ask if I had a minute. I said yes, so she sat down, took out a pencil, and asked me to explain the relationship between law and morality."

To profit from competition, one must support those principles that make competition possible. Freedom from government control is one of them. Keep up the good work!
@ProtonMail Dear @ProtonMail:

Yes we are competitors, but we fully support you guys in this battle against an arbitrary move that threatens privacy rights of the Russ@Criptext@twitter.come@ProtonMail…

Addendum: I only mute them from the timelines, so I can still read what ends up in my notifications.

Unlike that economic situation where the thoughtless can overgraze the commons, thereby destroying it, Liberdon lets one mute those that won't police the volume of their own toots. In order to keep Liberdon useful for me, I now mute those who thoughtlessly post large numbers of memes and ads. Kinda sad to do this because sometimes the memes are really good, but I just can't afford to spend my time digging through dozens of the things in the hope of finding the one that'll give me a laugh.

We are not divided by opinions, we are divided by our contempt for one another. This article was written for D's and R's, but libertarians should think about this too--especially when they consider other flavors of libertarianism.

There is no end to this government's evil.

"Hundreds of migrant parents were deported from the U.S. without first being offered the opportunity to reunify with their children".

To be a prohibitionist doesn't require being stupid, just evil and dishonest.

To BELIEVE prohibitionist propaganda requires mind-numbing stupidity.

RT To vote anything but one's conscience is to help guarantee that those with no conscience will win.

A man rapes his child. In his defense he says, "But I protect her from other rapists." Do we give him a pass? How about a thieving gang--the cops--that says, "But I protect society from thieves"?

"In the United States, in 2014, more cash and property transferred hands via civil asset forfeiture than via burglary. The total value of asset forfeitures was more than one-third of the total value of property stolen by criminals in 2014."

When I read that, it was like, "Holy shit!" Not just for the stats, but also how in the world did I manage to miss that? That, and every one of those arrested are now in a govt database as some sort of criminal.

"One-third of Americans under the age of 25 have been arrested at some point in their lives, according to analysis by Deutsche Bank based on 2015 data."

Crypto experts tell govt you can't backdoor encryption without making it essentially worthless, as bad guys--in and out of govt--*will* exploit it. Like a child, they whine "We need it to catch criminals!"--as if constant repetition will change reality.

Moral arguments rarely change minds. If someone accepts your moral premises, they almost certainly already accept your conclusion. If they reject your moral premises, they will almost certainly find ways to reject your conclusion, no matter how well supported it is.

If you say that an unwanted pat on the ass is as much sexual violence as a brutal rape, that essentially all sexual abusers recidivate, and that therefore all sexual abusers should be put to death, you are not an advocate against sexual violence, you are an advocate for murder.

"To abandon facts is to abandon freedom" -- Timothy Snyder

Words have limited meanings. If you insist on defining a word so that it ceases to make important distinctions, you cease to be rational. This is a particularly "progressive" disease, but is hardly limited to them.

I do not argue issues of fact with those who believe that those who dispute their facts are necessarily evil.

Subjective evidence, especially from someone whose livelihood depends on others accepting their view, is not evidence worth taking into account or debating.

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