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There once was a zero-sum cynic
who called the free market a gimmick.
He believed all in vain
that “his” loss was “their” gain
So became a renowned .



The updated version:

Having your Big Mac and eating it too....

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When the Mueller report comes out, just remember: The people selling something will have strong and instant reactions. Those who actually read the report will take longer.

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@RegistryReport@twitter.com With a post that might offend or be controversial, it is always a good idea to let it sit for a few and, after the heat of composition has died, decide whether it should see the light of day. If more people did this we might have a better net.

Oh, OK, now I understand where that silly "block this guy" message came from. There's an ancom server called anarchism.space where, apparently, they regard anyone but true believers to be the devil.


If people want to live in an echo chamber, I will happily leave them to their feckless isolationism.

Well that was fun. Somebody didn't like me and forgot to block me *before* tooting out their dislike. :)

Maybe they didn't like my recent pun?

@AtlasFreeman A leftie pundit said much the same over on twitter and got dragged for it. But sometimes when you're left you're right. :)

Call it by its name: murder.
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An @ajc investigation finds at least a dozen people with diabetes died gruesome deaths in Georgia jails and prisons over the past decade because they were denied insulin preview.ajc.com/news/state--re

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@billblake2018 Agreed. By the same token, the ones who say the anti-abortion people want to enslave women are addressing a caricature rather than a real opponent, and thus they look irrational. Demonizing opponents has become a standard tactic of both right and left.

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@WeeklyHellscape@twitter.com Each person is the creator of his future self. Recognizing this and acting on it--whether one desires to be a bum or a billionaire--is the essence of responsibility.

This is what happens when the government sticks its filthy mitts into medicine.
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@mudcaulks They recommended it because I just found out when I went to the pain specialist here in Wa that they have gone completely psycho terrified of the new CDC recommendations, so now if I want my pain treated I can no longer take my depression/anxiety meds. Fucking dicks. 😕

@AtlasFreeman A lone wolf is one that acts without assistance or direction, and the term can apply albeit less accurately (as here) to a small group. No one is suggesting that these lone wolves are not *inspired* by ISIS.

Much of ISIS propaganda is directed to inciting lone wolf attacks, because they're cheap (for ISIS), because ISIS doesn't have resources here to attack on their own, and because the lack of coordination makes it hard for intelligence to catch the lone wolves.

To those who are anti-abortion: Don't throw "killing unborn children" around as if it were an unarguable fact. Those who are pro-choice do not agree with you, and repeating it accomplishes nothing but shutting down rational discussion.

It therefore makes *you* look irrational.

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It's that time of the week again for another follow train! Like/RT if you love liberty and freedom and follow others that do the same! Let’s connect, my friends!

Let's grow our community like never before!

You will not silence us!

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This is a follow train - if you're:

- libertarian
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...Or someone similar, RT this, and follow other people who do. Follow me for a followback! But the more, the merrier; let's network!

@MinorityOfOne The big change came with the recession, so it's not primarily related to who wanted to work. Also, the rates have improved since then, which also argues against people not wanting to work.

@gmcgath The big jump came from the late recession, and that was involuntary. The numbers have got better, but aren't back to pre-recession levels. I also doubt that there's a change in who needs an income; wages haven't changed much and the government isn't handing out more money.

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The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 forbade the use of the army for law enforcement. So what do local police departments do? They militarize THEMSELVES. twitter.com/tenndgs/status/111

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