I just had it brought to my attention that parler has removed the indemnification clause from their terms of service. Because they have done that, I'll try to create an account.

@battlepenguin I'm a bit behind on twitter, but I just saw a tweet from her that asserted that, should FB not put her site back up, God will smite them. She meant it, too. What a loon!

If you are not a politician and advocate censorship, you are a FOOL. Censorship is the one thing no republic can survive. What begins as rules that favor your side will end up as rules that strangle all debate--and eventually all access to info the govt finds unacceptable.


Anyone who calls for government to prevent twitter from applying its alleged biases when selecting what it shows to its users wants *CENSORSHIP*. If you are a politician doing this, you have violated your oath to the Constitution and you should be removed from office.


JFC, conservatives with their panties in a wad because twitter controls the content it shows, allegedly because they have a political bias.

Yo peeps, what do you call it when FOX news or conservative talk radio hosts control their content to reflect *their* political biases?


@djsumdog Sometimes it is just better to throw out all the crud and start over....

@djsumdog I'm using 72 and I haven't encountered any serious problems. Which version(s) are broken after that?

@thedesertlynx My UI wouldn't be very useful to anyone but me, because it was designed to meet my personal needs and to run on my computer. But having written this thing, I'm now intimately familiar with how the twitter API works. (Though they're changing it. Again.)

@thedesertlynx No. I typically do more systems stuff, though my most recent project was an alternate twitter UI. Have you an example of the sort of thing someone might want programmed? Also, keep in mind that I do also admin work and I can write--those Publish0x pages definitely needed a writer's attention!

I should probably mention that I've been programming since 1970, and I've done a wide variety of things. Just not crypto. :)

RT @rickmarazzani: There are angry, kinetic, belligerent confrontations happening at the every night that make for compelling viral social media. Also, they are a blip in reality that is magnified and politicized to suit opportunists on the extremes. Drowning out the message. t.co/0fBEMUg4Gu

RT @radleybalko: The National Guard officer testifying tomorrow about Lafayette Square has released a statement. He confirms what's by now obvious: The Trump administration lied. About "violent" protesters. About tear gas. About warnings. About timing. About everything.


@h4890 Or any other. There will always be someone--a fair number of someone's--willing to do violence, and a whole lot of someones willing to be sheep to enable that violence.

@nall @TheoTheCicada I expect that most everyone has, if it's the guy I vaguely remember. I wonder if he knows that he's tooting into the void?

@TheoTheCicada Dunno. But mute is your friend, and I guess I muted that one long ago, cause I have no idea who you're talking about. :)

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