It's happened. Twitter has suspended me for advocating self-harm: to wit, using a sharp blade to separate pages of an old book. Fucking idiots.

@gmcgath I can still see your account and the "offending" tweet.

@billblake2018 The account wasn't taken down. I just can't post.

@billblake2018 It's the usual Twitter deal. I can confess and get my account working again anytime. The system is designed to punish the innocent, rather like criminal law when it deals out heavier sentences to those who won't show (or fake) remorse.


@gmcgath It's more likely designed to save twitter the effort of actually running a moderation system. What they have is little better than monkeys at a keyboard. Which I suspect they'd use if they could manage to not pay for the monkeys.

@billblake2018 When Twitter can say, "90% [or whatever] of the people we suspended admitted they broke the rules," it lets them look better.

@gmcgath Kinda like prosecutors bragging about their conviction rate, in spite of the fact that almost all of their convictions are extorted.

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