Whatever the merits of sending resources to Ukraine, this is a disgusting response. Doing so is either a legitimate defense expense or it is not. Either way, inflation and shortages are irrelevant, since 40 billion is just a rounding error in today's bloated budgets.

@billblake2018 It's not a legitimate defense expense, and 40 billion dollars is hardly a tiny amount of money.

@gmcgath That misses the point. If it isn't a legitimate defense expense, no other reason is needed to not send it. If it is a legitimate defense expense, the idea that not sending that 40 billion would have *any* effect on our inflation or supply problems is simple nonsense--those problems are rooted in the *trillions* already spent and in our regulatory state and that money simply won't make any difference.

There are certainly arguments for not sending that money, but his isn't one of them.

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