There are ways to avoid paying taxes while minimizing the risk of getting the government's boot on your neck. Simply refusing to pay is not one of them. Learn the law--not the law as described by ignorant tax protesters, the actual law--so that you understand the risk you take by your tax avoidance strategy, whatever it is.

@Libertux I see no accompanying citations to sources and authorities, which means I'm not going to waste my time with the video.

@billblake2018 Fair enough. No one is forcing you to.
Basically this guy talks about how he pays virtually no income tax by getting alternative citizenship in countries that don't require you to report your income while you're in other countries. And he lives as a permanent tourist.

@Libertux That's a method often touted. Assuming he doesn't also renounce his US citizenship, it's not legal (the US claims the right to tax overseas income) but it's reasonably safe, since what the US doesn't know about it can't shit on you for. :)

@billblake2018 Mark Emery from the Lighthouse Law Club also uses this method. Brilliant how these guys exploit the flaws in the system.

@Libertux @Libertux it won't work for everyone, though. Not everyone has the resources and skills necessary, and some are unable to travel internationally.

@billblake2018 Yes, people like me. It's a life goal to aim at though.

@Libertux I'm not so concerned about money, but I refuse to give this govt any of mine. So I just keep my income below $12,000. I have no tax liability. In theory, I might have to file some forms, but I doubt they'll bother me should I not.

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