Yet another American citizen illegally imprisoned as an "illegal immigrant".
The difference between the ICE and the KGB is that the ICE is here.

It might be because he tried to light a stairwell bonfire in a hospital which is considered an act of terrorism and also under the purview of ice just like the article states. Nice clickbait though.

@a7 ICE isn't an anti-terrorism agency. It was illegal to hand him to ICE.

Just going by what the article says, acts of domestic terrorism can be considered under their purview, also they guy tried to light a fucking hospital stairwell on fire. For gods sake find a better martyr.

@a7 Domestic terrorism isn't under ICE's purview. It's an FBI function or a state function. I do federal paralegal work; I know this stuff.

He's a HUMAN BEING for gods sake. And if you don't give a fuck about him, remember it could happen to anyone--like the 16 year old kid held for 23 days with NO reason, who I posted about the other day.

Sorry guy who trys to light a hospital stairwell on fire isnt a human being.
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