Do evil, cause evil. "Thousands of migrant children allegedly suffered sexual abuse while in U.S. government custody over the past four years, according to Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) documents"

@billblake2018 The worst is that that story is a couple of weeks old and the Democrats, who supposedly hate sexual abuse and mistreatment of brown-skinned people, haven't been screaming about it. "Trump tweeted something stupid yesterday" is of much more interest to them.

@billblake2018 I just noticed that the abuse has been happening at least since 2014 under Obama. So it could be politically embarrassing for Democrats to care.

@gmcgath I wouldn't be surprised. After all, to admit that Obama committed the same crimes as Trump would be....inexpedient. It would dilute the message.

"Politics" is not a four letter word. It should be.

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