As Objectivists, we should be careful to never use the first formulation because it is sloppy and because it is a notion often used by Objectivism's critics to mischaracterize and condemn Objectivism.


Objectivism does not say that the standard of value for a human being is mere life. It says that the standard of value for a human being is life *as a human being*. Life as an insensate sack of protoplasm is of no value to a human being, no matter how long that life is.


RT @billblake2018: @primalpoly @robertwiblin The Hero suffers a single death, having lived as a Man.
The coward suffers a million deaths, while living as a Mouse.

The Hero chooses virtue and enjoys the rewards of his virtue.
The coward chooses expedience and suffers the penalties of that vice.

*In my earlier tweets, I described them as illegal immigrants. They were actually asylum seekers, legally present in the US.


I was chided for saying that the asylum seekers* sent to Martha's Vineyard were kidnapped, presumably because some people believed that the asylum seekers were not lied to. There is documentary evidence of the lies.


"It ought to go without saying, but any justice system that willingly ignores evidence of a death row prisoners innocence is, fundamentally, illegitimate." But ours does that, and much other awfulness.

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I managed to lose the link to the article that was my primary source regarding the immigrants kidnapped to Martha's Vineyard. It's from the Miami Herald, generally regarded as left-center but factual.

RT @ellyf3r: @MichaelPByrne1 @gvmiabreak @LevelToPower @triadaxiom @billblake2018 @MarkRPellegrino @chrisjsmit @anthonymontes56 And I'm going to say something very contentious that people don't like. When you are around other people, you are placing your health at risk. That's your choice. So why is it someone else's responsibility to keep you safe when you are the one taking the risk?

The immigrants were lied to in order to get them on the plane, were not permitted to leave the plane, and crossed state lines while on the plane. This violates 18 U.S.C. § 1201, but it is unlikely that DeSantis or any of the other conspirators and accomplices will go to prison.

If, in your argument, you say that the pandemic was bogus, I will stop taking you seriously. Even if I agree with everything else you say.

"To abandon facts is to abandon freedom." Those who substitute fantasy for reality are no friend to liberty.

A society that may designate a given class of people as "undesirable" and then collectively "remove" such people is not a free society. It is a tyranny in which people will live in fear of being so designated. Even if the society has no official government.


The formal organization of a society's government (if it has one), does not determine whether that society respects rights, nor does the mouthing of libertarian slogans by its members. What matters is whether people are let alone to live their lives as they see fit.


For those who have a yen to support Ukrainians without going through a government, here is a thread on volunteer efforts that could use help.

Interesting article on insurrection and the recent ouster of a county official for his participation in the January 6 coup-coup.

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