Another Ukrainian miracle, assuming these numbers are true, with worldwide positive consequences. If...

This is correct, as far as it goes. But it is not just wokeness that threatens humanity. To that we must add the populism and dishonesty of the right, the complacency of the middle, and overt tyrants the world over. Freedom is fragile when its defenders are inert or feckless.

Whatever the merits of sending resources to Ukraine, this is a disgusting response. Doing so is either a legitimate defense expense or it is not. Either way, inflation and shortages are irrelevant, since 40 billion is just a rounding error in today's bloated budgets.

I would hope that context would make this less awful than it seems. But I don't really believe it.

While some people spread untimely death in the world, others work to eliminate it.

In which a congresscreature condemns a polite request from a constituent.

"To abandon facts is to abandon freedom" -- which makes both sides my enemy.


I'm no fan of today's liberals, but a culture war takes two sides, and in our culture war, *neither* side are people I want much to do with. Among their sins: They assume without evidence and then treat their assumptions as facts.


Liberal: SCOTUS' willingness to overturn Roe v Wade is a "call to arms". Conservatives: "You're calling for insurrection!" Merriam-Webster: "call to arms 2: a summons, invitation, or appeal to undertake a particular course of action" -- likely the intended meaning.


"It's only free speech if it's speech I like."
--pretty much every partisan

As I read yet another essay from @reason, I'm reminded of an old cartoon in which a cop stands in the road, hand raised to stop traffic. And in the next panel, he's on his back, tire track up his middle.

That's today's liberty movement. Ineffectual to the end.

Dateline 2030: China invades Taiwan and the West, economy hopelessly intertwined with China's, sits back and wrings its hands, because nobody wants economic dislocation.

Those who remember say, "They who did not learn the lessons of history are now repeating them." Too late....

Oh by the way, there's a war on.

Several of them, actually.

Anyone still paying attention?

Governments have *powers*, they do not have *rights*. And the question is not whether a government has the right to exercise a power, but whether it may legitimately do so.

Almost invariably, the answer is, "No it may not." Not that that stops governments or their hangers-on.

*LOL make that "two ways". What I get for adding clauses to my tweets and then not fully proofreading them.

The claim that abortion is murder and the claim that whites are inherently oppressors are alike in one way. Both assert facts not in evidence and both demand that everyone else sees the world as the claimer does.

Anyone who makes that demand of me can go fuck themselves.

If someone is teaching racism--no matter their excuse--they do not mean well. They mean to set "black" against "white", and to destroy all progress toward equality.

Those who value human beings should never give a pass to those who only value certain "races" of human beings.

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