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I've been working on reducing my bandwidth use and noticed that the web client for consumes 1.4MB per hour even when the liberdon tab is not the current tab. Short of closing the tab when I'm not reading liberdon, any thoughts on how to get the client to not poll when I'm not using it?

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"And the fact that we're free to choose what we do with our money because it comes from donors, not from governments, is amazing. We don't have to be told where to go; we go where people need us." — Promotional quote for Doctors without Borders

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1. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

2. That which can be asserted without evidence, can also be dismissed without evidence.


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Re: Starr's "age of impeachment" comments, it shouldn't be surprising that, as the executive gathers more and more power, the ways in which it's abused become more numerous. Impeachment should be invoked more frequently.

A nation without the rule of law--applied to its political branch, not its people--is not a real country, it is nothing but a bunch of gangs fighting over which gets the loot from the territory they fight over. This is the "nation" that Trump and his supporters are striving for.

"Again and again—and in countries all over the world—declines in trust of government correlate strongly with calls for more government regulation in more parts of our lives."

Pained laughter follows....
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@numinosity @KlasfeldReports The Republic is afire, and I brought marshmallows.

You have a choice: Do you spend your substance trying to fix a system run by a nation of people who do not want it fixed? Or do you spend it on trying to create something that might actually come to be? is the stupidest dumbfuck of a company, for all sorts of reasons. Latest is asking me to confirm my identity by interacting through my phone. Well, I'm *connected* via my phone, so that bit of nonsense adds NOTHING to my security. I sent them a deserved nastygram.

Actual LOL.
"Twitter is like being able to read every toilet wall in the world." - @rickygervais

So one more person gives evidence of Trump's absolute contempt for the rule of law. Lotsa people saying, "Trump has to go but our masters in DC won't do it." Indeed. Your MASTERS.

That is why you have Trump.

And why you deserve him.

Mood: I can't believe the Republic's going to be destroyed by these complete fucking imbeciles This is how the world ends; not with a bang, not with a whimper, but with a clown horn Imagine a clown shoe, stepping on your face, forever

Today's politics in a nutsack.
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@pye If you go straight from the Trump rally in Wisconsin to the Democratic debate with no break it's like punching yourself in the balls as hard as you can forever and ever.

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