"Again and again—and in countries all over the world—declines in trust of government correlate strongly with calls for more government regulation in more parts of our lives." reason.com/2020/01/21/trumps-i

Pained laughter follows....
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@numinosity @KlasfeldReports The Republic is afire, and I brought marshmallows.

You have a choice: Do you spend your substance trying to fix a system run by a nation of people who do not want it fixed? Or do you spend it on trying to create something that might actually come to be?

.@Google@twitter.com is the stupidest dumbfuck of a company, for all sorts of reasons. Latest is asking me to confirm my identity by interacting through my phone. Well, I'm *connected* via my phone, so that bit of nonsense adds NOTHING to my security. I sent them a deserved nastygram.

Actual LOL.
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"Twitter is like being able to read every toilet wall in the world." - @rickygervais

So one more person gives evidence of Trump's absolute contempt for the rule of law. Lotsa people saying, "Trump has to go but our masters in DC won't do it." Indeed. Your MASTERS.

That is why you have Trump.

And why you deserve him.


@Popehat@twitter.com: I can't believe the Republic's going to be destroyed by these complete fucking imbeciles

@DonCarlosToledo@twitter.com: This is how the world ends; not with a bang, not with a whimper, but with a clown horn

@TactlessOgre@twitter.com: Imagine a clown shoe, stepping on your face, forever

Today's politics in a nutsack.
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@pye If you go straight from the Trump rally in Wisconsin to the Democratic debate with no break it's like punching yourself in the balls as hard as you can forever and ever.

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“There's a reason you separate military and the police. One fights the enemies of the state, the other serves and protects the people. When the military becomes both, then the enemies of the state tend to become the people.”
―William Adama

Come for the half-naked women, stay for the entrepreneurship and independence.
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"Trio of women who went off-grid to start a cannabis farm in the Californian countryside reveal they've built their own sewer system and fend off bears with guns." dailymail.co.uk/femail/article

Still waiting for our robot overlords to be able to tell us apart....
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A group tested Amazon's facial-recognition software on Denver City Council members. Nine of them were falsely identified as sex offenders, and in some cases the system was 92% confident they were a match bit.ly/30kZrp9 @JessicaDenver7

The prosecution screwed around for a year and never prepared for trial. It tried to do an end-run around the law to avoid the consequences of its wrongdoing, but the judge would not allow it.

More judges like this might put justice back in "criminal justice".

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Whoa. New Georgia judge grants directed verdict in murder case because DA failed to have its witnesses ready on the agre…

I'm talking to you, libertarians. Liberty is great. But hardly anyone wants it. If you want to try to spread liberty, more power to you. But don't delude yourself that you can have more than a temporary and limited success. 3/3

You can continue with the delusion that "If only I market it right, they'll buy it!" Or you can acknowledge the reality, that only a small number of people want what you have to sell, and that you need to either stop trying to sell it or resign yourself to a small market. 2/3

"I have this great new product!" After years of trying to sell it, using every marketing technique that he and hundreds of others could think up, hardly anyone buys it. "But it's a great product, we must just be selling it wrong!"

Or maybe nobody wants what you're selling? 1/3

Try: "Senior administration officials also struggled to concoct face-saving lies for...." Y'all need to stop calling yourselves journalists if you can't accurately report when someone tells a lie.
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“Senior administration officials also struggled to synchronize their story for why they targeted Soleimani in the days after Iranian-backed militias laid siege to the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad,” reports …

Taxation is nothing like slavery and you persuade no one by claiming that it is. Far more likely is that you persuade people that libertarians are fools and that their ideas are nonsense.

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