Gotta love it when people assume that their tribal mores are universal morality.

A Marxist accurately describes the pathologies of the left:

Nor is this sort of thing new; I was one of the first victims of this, some 50 years ago:

I couldn't read all of this. Wholesale child and teen abuse and it's all legal.

On the border, the cruelty is the point.

And in our prisons.

"A 'historical event': W.H.O. Approves the First Malaria Vaccine"


The historical event was the *creation* of the vaccine; the approval at most means that the bureaucrats finally got themselves out of the way.

For those wanting to know what happened to Faceplant.

It's kinda technical, but the bottom line seems to be that somebody did a stupid at Faceplant that essentially disconnected their network from the rest of the Internet.

That first "vaccine" should be "a vaccine mandate".

It's funny watching one batch of libertarians who tell cops who quit over vaccine to not let the door hit their ass on the way out while another batch condemns the firing of a bunch of health care workers who refuse the vaccine.

Looks like Google also doesn't much care about your privacy. Surprise.

The rule of law binds, not just the ordinary citizen, but those in government. When those in govt are largely or entirely free of legal consequences for their criminal acts, there is no rule of law, just the rule of "might makes right". Case in point:

And twitter lawyers? They're no Gideon. He actually learned the law, which is how he got his case all the way to the Supreme Court. Twitter lawyers never do the work, they just throw around their "expertise" as if mouthing the words meant they should be taken seriously.


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