His wife is dying of cancer. I suck at support, but maybe some of you have words. Reply to his tweet, not mine. t.co/AHs7cysw0b

This is nonsense. "Culture" doesn't exist apart from people, and if the police have a culture problem, it's because individual cops are bad. And since we're talking "culture", that means that most of them are bad. t.co/JObWU4u97t

There is no overarching government conspiracy against libertarians. We are arrogant to think that we're that much of a threat to the government. For the most part, we're harmless fools who actually help the government by creating the illusion that freedom is still allowed.

Spring: The season between when it's too damned cold to leave the windows open and the season when it's too damned humid to leave the windows open.

I hate bugs that appear for no apparent reason. I hate even more bugs that *disappear* for no obvious reason. I know that, just like roaches, they'll be back.

You can ignore reality, but reality won't ignore you. You can ignore the consequences of what you intend to do, but they'll still happen--usually to the detriment of everyone involved. If good comes from ignoring reality, it is an *accident*, one not likely to be repeated.

A rational person makes the effort to determine when his battles are lost and cuts his losses when he determines that they are. He does not blindly, irrationally declare that no battle is ever lost, and waste himself on hopeless efforts to win that which cannot be won. t.co/F7Irkaa0S0

you are in a twisty maze of package dependencies, all different

SCOTUS basically said that copying an API is "fair use", but ducks the question of whether code can be copyrighted. t.co/t06KGPdXTn

Our government needs to go, by any means. But the means chosen must be *effective*. If you think that a direct, violent confrontation will take the govt down, you are dreaming. If you try it, you will only strengthen the govt. And get yourself and others killed or imprisoned.

"These are the universal emotions of humans faced with mortality, of living beings watching death up close and personal and not being able to do a thing about it."


"Helplessness. Grief. Anger. Resentment. These are the common threads weaving through the testimony of the Derek Chauvin trial. These are the feelings of the witnesses who were there and watched it happen.



"And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?" t.co/3XH2PzQkCl

These people are proposing triaging patients based on race, not on medical need. If implemented, this necessarily will result in needless deaths.

Intentional killing has a name.... t.co/6jDGruoCEs

RT @ActNormalOrElse: there's been a lot of really weird discourse about what it was like to live through the leadup to the iraq war lately so it feels appropriate to mention the most deadly accurate onion article of all time is 18 years old today t.co/19eFAGMKlG

If I am in a conversation with you and I tell you that I do not wish to continue the conversation and am muting the conversation, do not send me a DM that continues the conversation. That will earn you a block.

Well, nifty--that's 0/10. :)

(I screwed up the threading; my comment on Ruby Ridge was supposed to be the first tweet of the "10" tweet/toot thread.)

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