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It's a declaration of freedom on oneself and an act of philosophical transcendence; it is the simultaneous acknowledgement of the blackpill with the decision to avoid its attendant nihilism - by consciously choosing to seek joy, to see adventure, to seek light-hearted and self-amused mastery in the midst of all the chaos. The honkpill is a philosophy unto itself, and perhaps in these trying times, it is just the medicine this broken world needs.

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I know beggars can't be choosers, but who runs and can we get an update on why it's not federating?


this is a cake. It's cool but decorative cakes that don't overuse fondant are more interesting to me.

Opens Mastodon in a cold morning

the timeline floods with asian girls in bikini

ohh.... Hahahaa god nice try, but I won't believe in you today

@richdecibels CO2 is 0.04% of the atmosphere and can be easily removed with biomass sequestration, direct air capture and oceanic iron fertilisation. there is geological precedent for relatively high CO2 levels coming down through increased biological sequestration such as during the eocene period and the azolla event. i do not believe there is any such climate catastrophe or emergency and i think ironically the one thing that would actual help the ecosystem right now would indeed be the actual extinction of humans, something your movement is explicitly against. please convince me i should care about your movement and that you are not just neoliberals advocating for greater government control over the global economy.

Statistics Liberdon Instance

Notices per User 38 notices (total average) -> 0,1% of total notices on liberdon instance

Me: 3,8k notices-> 10% liberdon instance


This account is more popular than my ex accounts on smug and lall but far away from the niu's one.

Numbers could go to hell

Because the years pass, but the feeling not
Because the nostalgia puts me in the shadows
Because the memories are the only way to have you
Because it has been what the fate allows
You are the moon that was gone on the west
Not silver in the night… No smiles in the dark
I wonder where is located the place you went
My silver princess, There are no dreams to have.
I wonder if I will meet you again
beyond the broken time’s chains

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