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I watched this tree growing since my father bought this farm. Each Year since almost 23 years. Now it is adult, and beautiful. But my father sold the part of the farm where it’s located and probably, the next year it will blossom for the new owners. Hope they have some value on it and they conserve it as I do all these years.

Blossom Beautiful, beloved friend :)

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Ulmo tree is one of my preferred chilean native trees. Its polen it’s so powerful that you confuse if you are eating honey or smelling honey. It’s one of our last blossomings, the one that says farewell to the summer and gives the welcome to the Autumn.

I like this tree in special, because I saved it and its companions from a great wildfire on 2009, It was hard. A month fighting against the fire to save this forest…


@dirb @dcvoter libertarians believe in a small number of government tasks as legitimate, for example, security
@nepfag reminds me of a local far right politician who has an asian wife, that barely speaks the local language :smug10:
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