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PROTIP: Satire, if done right, is making a point about something. Therefore you can criticize that point it's trying to make. Saying "It's just satire" isn't a coherent response to that critique.

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I have a question for HODLers. If crashes below $20K will you be excited about the opportunity to buy more sats, or will you regret not selling any when Bitcoin was above $60K?

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Huh…I always assumed “shaming” would be like 80% of how we handle things in our ideal world… 😅 twitter.com/walden4pa53/status

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Gentle reminder that the Nazis very strongly approved of FDR's "New Deal" because it was the exact same corporatist command economics that fascists always use. twitter.com/ReedCoverdale/stat

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Eu sei que ces cansaram de 1984 porque foi pro mainstream e todas essas coisas mas acreditem, não é porque foi pro mainstream que o negócio deixa de ser macabro

Na alegoria da URSS que Orwell descreve, com a abolição da vida privada, tudo passa a ser público e POLÍTICO

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Me: the right can be really irritating and insular sometimes, I’m going to go check out what the left are up to.

The left:

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O loop eterno

> ano de eleição, dessa vez vai ser diferente, vamos votar consciente

> candidato eleito desagrada boa parte da população e Brasil polariza

> Gados de político e os da oposição trocam ofensas por anos

> começa a dar merda

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This is dangerously naive.

Unfortunately the libertarian desire to paint left and right as equally bad often has the consequence of skewing their perception of political reality.

The left is playing for keeps in a way your average Republican doesn't know how. twitter.com/Dage90/status/1398

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“Fascists are in favor of ‘limited government’.”

Yeah, I must have missed that part of the ‘history book.’ twitter.com/mcunninghamajc/sta

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Como proceder em uma abordagem com um policial DESPREPARADO
youtu.be/RsGCUKg7CqA via @YouTube

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