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‘Together, United, We'll Never Be Defeated’

Dan is trashing our Freedoms

Dan is trashing our Human Right of

Time to GO Dan

The people have come together at today’s Melbourne Freedom Walk to stand up for our Freedoms


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What a joke

Dan shut down the construction industry to PUNISH & be a DICTATOR

Wow, he got that WRONG

Melbourne Freedom Walk today proved DAN wrong

People are NOT going to take it anymore

Time to GO Dan twitter.com/aussieval10/status

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Melbourne 🇦🇺 Anti Everything 👊
18 Months of Lies and Melbourne finally says ...ENOUGH 👊

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33000 doctors and personell in Canada refuse the poison jab. What we can do is to be super active to promote these videos. We dont have the resources of big media so we have to do more work. Join the 50000 strong almost anti vaccine worldwide group where we organize, the

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Share this far and wide. Australia unite! 🇦🇺❣️🇦🇺

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Patronage down by about 50% this morning at work...fair few construction blokes in.. they're making sites secure before they leave them. Have had about half a dozen tell me once they wrap up, they're heading into the city...
Ohhh boy 😳💥🍿

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So it appears there's a celebration of freedom going on in Melbourne today.

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At some point we will all have to come out to stop this madness. All of us. Not just the construction workers in Australia. Not just some protestors. Not just some doctors and some nurses. All of us, including the Police and the Army will have to step up against this tyranny.

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@CFMEU_CG You idiots ? Far right neo nazis? It’s about mandatory vaccines ass wipes

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