Dash is an extremely undervalued and under-rated coin. Once a king coin recent improvements should put it back in the lime light!

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How Finland and Norway Proved Sweden’s Approach to COVID-19 Works. Via: @miltimore79 bit.ly/35xzDKT

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Sean Ono Lennon on bitcoin: a source of optimism and happiness in 2020 as well as total agency & self-sovereignty at all times @seanonolennon @maxkeiser 🍊💊

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Vive la France !!!

The people rise against pure ANTI-SCIENCE of lockdown medieval magicks 🤨 twitter.com/robinmonotti/statu

A shining example of how cryptocurrency governance is handled. Disagreements of this degree have repeatedly split other projects. If constant schisms aren't your thing, maybe look into Dash.

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The price is up 16.33% in last 7 days! 🚀

There's increased interest in @Dashpay from investors.

Nice bump in followers on @blockfolio the portfolio management app. 📊👀

Dash is very scarce, only 9.8 million Dash in circulation!

The trend is your friend! 📈😉👍

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History repeats in Germany!

In the 1930s it was the Gestapo!

In 2020 the German authorities still break into the houses of people with dissenting political opinions!

If Hitler was evil, then so is this! twitter.com/o_rips/status/1330

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If you care about secure communication, don't use iMessage. Yes, Talk keeps your data on YOUR server, and Signal is an end-to-end encrypted alternative. Stay safe!

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Taxes are the price we pay to live in a civilized society.

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"GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a professional-grade photo editor that looks and works like Adobe Photoshop. Unlike the real Photoshop, it doesn’t cost $9.99 per month to use. It’s the closest thing to Adobe’s software you can get without a subscription." https://www.komando.com/money-tips/free-tech-stuff/763861/

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