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Bill Gates an antivaxxer?
Ooooofffttt that'll throw a cat amongst the pigeons

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France 🇫🇷 Anti Pandemic BS 🔥 The People throw their TVs, into the front yard of a Politicians House... Every Message Counts 🔥👊

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for allowing experts on your podcast to share what they know, other than what the mainstream media wants us to hear! We need you more than ever!! ❤️❤️❤️

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We would be in very serious trouble right now without Joe Rogan and Spotify’s courage. Let’s make and trend. Don’t cut and paste. And consider doing them in separate tweets. Let’s let’em know we appreciate them.

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DR. RIMA LIABOW EXPLAINS THE GENOCIDAL PLOT are tools of Jesuit Rome SMOM Kissinger & Rockafella Gates Eugenics bitchute.com/video/qo75hnJHpto

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"The Great Culling" - The Global Death Plot
Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura 2009 

Jesse speaks with Dr. Rima E. Liabow about the global de-population plan by the elite

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura Ep 5: Secret Societies 6/6

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Dr. Rima Liabow Said This To Jesse Ventura In September 2009‼️

Battleground Melbourne Documentary 'FRIENDS & FAMILY' Pre-Release youtu.be/xzfJGC1_yPo via @YouTube

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They told you no more restrictions at 70% vaccination rate. They lied.
They told you no more masks at 80% vaccination rate. They lied.
They told you fully open at 90% vaccination rate. They lied.
They have lied and shifted the goalposts at every single turn.
Why trust them now?

Happy new year @signalapp !
For 2022, could we please get a desktop client for FreeBSD?

Hello @LBRYio ! Happy new year!
For 2022, could we please get a client for FreeBSD?

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A man in Moreton Bay, Qld, was tired of all the BS and decided to make his voice heard!!

What a champion !!

Proprietary control over education is growing and it is affecting student's rights to information. Watch and share "The University of Costumed Heroes" and fight for young people's freedom. u.fsf.org/fsfheroes

What do crypto users have for a debit card?
Listed on the Dash site are:
Spend - no new users
Crypterium - cancelled my card on delivery and would not refund or return balance.
Polispay - EU only.
Uphold - waiting list

Oh, yes! Please post this video outside of Blobify!
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Great day with legendary podcaster @joerogan. Look for our show this week.

Dash at basement bargain prices and I cannot get a private trade! Localcryptos suspended me without explanation - despite a 100% record! :(

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