Would you rather someone give you what you need or give you the knowledge to attain it. Freedom allows us to find knowledge in our every choice and action.

If you try to manufactur trust the costs grow as you punish more and more of those who take advantage of that trust instead of an environment where people develop the sense to discover trust through trial and error.

If you try to make people happy the costs grow in satisfying whims instead of an environment in which people can more likely find ways to make each other happy.

Policy, institutions and norms should not seek to create happiness, trust and other social goods but seek to create an environment in which they emerge.

All I’d like to know is whether giant milk is Paleo friendly?

Have friends who have questions though, in this video playlist they should be able to easily find the basic answers on almost anything! Please Share!


Looking for an affordable haircut in I see why have such long hair and beards because they are fiscally .

This week’s Monday Podcast episode will be on the history and function of The Department of Education.

These Monday episodes will be running through the end of June. They will… instagram.com/alexmerced/p/Bwh

Seeing everyone’s reactions to the lies and character of the current administration out of the Mueller report just shows me people had too high an opinion of the presidency in the first place. Angels don’t exist in high levels of politics, that’s why it should be powerless.

Some people seem to not see public restrooms as a convenience but as a challenge.

Thanks for liking the post @SOPHIANNECARUSO@twitter.com you and the rest of Cast were amazing! Bravo!

If you go to anytime soon make sure to catch the Beetlejuice Musical on , it is so much fun.

*** Tiny Spoiler ***

BeetleJuice comes out as a during the show :)

Highly recommend watching the Beetlejuice musical, so much fun and the set design was awesome.

Just wrapped up act 1 of the Beatlejuice Broadway Musical... soooo good

There is value in the diversity of the liberty movement. Diverse individuals, diverse thought and diverse approaches. A wide net for the long term growth of fundamental idea of self-ownership.

I love the big picture of how different groups act as counter balances preventing the movement as a whole going down any particular dark or misguided path. It’s an ecosystem for the dismantling of the bonds that holdback a consent based society and economy.

Fun fact: I’m a fan of the entire Libertarian Tradition, all the figures, sub groups, their differences and the rich debates around them are something I enjoy quite a bit. This is why I’m friends with everyone, and the enemy of no one in the liberty movement because...

This is why words like voluntary or consent Markets make the discussion clearer because too many think of “capitalism” as purely owning a factory or a car and don’t see that it is intrinsically a system of diverse consent and choice at the individual level.

To have freedom of choice there must be clear definitions and boundaries of what is your choice and what is their choice, this is what private property accomplishes. Without one the other can’t exist.

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