The idea that you don't care about people or about fixing problems unless you want government programs/mandates/regulations to provide (pronounced "force") solutions is only ~60 years old.

@0xSamurai It's much older. People didn't become idiots yesterday; they always were idiots.

@jhertzli @0xSamurai well biggest collaborator and idiot statist infiltrated on liberdon spoke. you shit in your mouth . tastes good?

@akeno @0xSamurai So... You (Exosome) figure that someone who refutes anti-vaccine bulshytt is necessarily someone who will mandate vaccinations?


Your compliance makes it mandatory, that's fascism. Nazis never do anything they only comply and just do their job. You already proven that with mandatory masks, then mandatory tests now you are doing the same with mandatory holocaust injections.

"effective" slave muzzles claim debunked by same corrupt Nazi MSM "factcheckers" that were pushing exact opposite lies all year

Picture of their and your future.

@akeno You may find this surprising, but I sometimes argue with statists getting hysterical about the alleged low vaccination rates of "red" states. I try pointing out that less-urbanized areas can afford to be slow. That might apply in Europe.

The State also tells us to eat more vegetables. Does that mean my dinner implies I'm about to force feed people green beans and broccoli?

If the State tells us it's Eye Injury Prevention Month, do I have to order a Hathaway shirt?

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