@akeno @null0x0c @calculsoberic @i3x Very strange, but I guess in the end, it is up to the instance owner. =(

But, at least people are free to move to other instances and take their toots with them (if they backed them up regularly).

That's the power of decentralization! =) One instance can censor, but it cannot censor every other instance.

@h4890 Yes. I knew what I am doing. But they violated their COC anyway. On this particular instance I posted just one image that wasn't breaking anything at all. but on 3 other instances they straight out deleted my toots without chance to backup violating their COC. Sad, people's word is worthless these days

BTW found mastodon.host have account there and they haven't censored me and already posted a lot of "dangerous harmful misinformation" 😂 and it supports full-text toot search 😎

@akeno Ah! So there is hope! =) It is sad but true... socialism is taking over the open source movement.

There are just a few hardcore communities that ignore politics and focus on technology, but those projects are seen as increasingly unpopular (openbsd for instance).

@h4890 @akeno
Signal is another example of a tyrannical DFL gone wrong.

Good luck backing up & restoring messages, especially if there are multiple backups that need to be combined.

@phicyclist @h4890 Yea. I personally don't use SIM deleted signal. I have SIM's I bought via ebay anonymously though And you can top up with crypto anonymously too. 🙂 But because of plandemic I probably never use them again. not that I need to.

I use getsession.org/ --hope they enable video calls soon. matrix and jitsi 🙂

@akeno @h4890
Nice find, thanks!

I've been using Silence since it can use SMS/MMS without a data connection.


@phicyclist @akeno I would really like silence to implement support for iphone. Would be great with a desktop version too!

@h4890 @phicyclist Actually I would rather not 😂 Iphone is spyware. You should sell your iphone and buy pinephone or some android where you can put AOSP at least. actually you might buy 2 or 3 pinephones for iphone price 😂

@akeno @phicyclist Oh, the iphone would not be for me. I don't have an iphone.

But it is more for my significant other. She bought an iphone against my advice. It was quite fun, because after she bought it, she thought her old android was better. I really had to control myself not to tell her "I told you so". ;)

Oh well, maybe I can persuade her in a few years when the current one breaks down.

@akeno @phicyclist

My next phone purchase will most likely be a Nokia feature phone, that cannot run any advanced software or services.

That way, whenever I try to get service and people say "oh, but just download a spyware app" I can tell them that my phone does not support apps, but they are more than welcome to buy me a new phone if they want me as a customer. ;)

@phicyclist @h4890 I shouldn't have said that about mastodon.host.
Had some faith in humans. Now it's gone.
This gets ridiculous.

This why Authority and power destroyed the world.

@akeno @h4890
That's why I'm trying to make time to set up my own pleroma instance :)

Of course, I don't think this world will survive much longer anyway - maybe another decade...

@phicyclist @h4890 good for you 👍 good luck 🙂

I am not much fancy of servers it takes maintenance I am more p2p type. which would be unusable with masto 😂

The think is if we had an anarchy somewhere normal people could go there now and survive. All these crazy people are free to kill themselves with their fear and live like clowns but now we are at their mercy. There is nowhere to go.

I think we need miracle.

@phicyclist @akeno Haha, yes, wouldn't that be nice. Leave clown town behind and build a new community. =)

The longer I stay in my summer house, the stronger my feeling to move here permanently.

But modern comfort requires one to be somewhat part of the system. I'm therefore thinking constantly, what convenience and services would I be willing to sacrifice to cut myself loose from this sick society?

But then I think about my significant other and future children, and then things really

@phicyclist @akeno become complicated! There is no way she would want to live in a forrest somewhere off grid. ;)

So at the moment, the best solution I have found is to play the legal game and run my own company instead of being employed to minimize taxes, opt for home schooling, and spend weekends and summers in my country side house.

I think that combo is possible to combine with family life.

@phicyclist @akeno What happened with signal?

I never used it because they insisted on phone nr, but I thought signal was seen as one of the good guys.

As for secure communication, I use protonmail to protonmail email, I use 7z to encrypt sensitive information and that's about it.

Tried hard to make my near and dear use either Tox or Jami.net but they refused because neither have cat pictures. Sigh.

@h4890 @akeno
Tried Jitsi?

Moxie is unreliable/untrustworthy IMO.

This post breaks it down better than I can.

@phicyclist @h4890 Indeed I know the article too. good one. Moxie is shady and doesn't support decentralization.

Yes the very reliance on phone # makes is pretty much useless for privacy. It's extortion at least.

As for protonmail they have ties to Tesonet data minin corp. I have the account but I use mostly tutanota.

@phicyclist @akeno Thank you, very interesting take on signal. Good that I never started to use it.

Yes, Jitsi works great for me. I even managed to get some regular business people use it.

Can't say anything about Jitsi security though, so I only use it as a replacement for all the regular video chat apps since it is open source.

Should it happen to be more secure, that's an added bonus.

@null0x0c @akeno @i3x @stux what are you referring to? I haven't seen the rest of the thread.

@null0x0c @calculsoberic @akeno @i3x I have no clue yet! Also tagged.. I’ll check some things out

@null0x0c @calculsoberic @akeno @i3x Ah yes! This user was posting ‘anti-COVID’ posts. Telling things like masks are bs and don’t work. The virus is fake etc etc!

I don’t stand for that so that’s why he’s out 🙂

@null0x0c @stux @akeno @i3x I had a friend die from covid so it really angers me seeing that stuff.

@calculsoberic @null0x0c @akeno @i3x I’m not even going into discussion with those people. If they wann spread fake news about Corona i suggest they signup on Twitter or Facebook

@null0x0c @calculsoberic @akeno @i3x so he can say whatever he likes but with that attitude there’s no place on mstdn for him

@stux @calculsoberic @akeno @i3x
My uncle got COVID and was hospitalized for a week, was lucky that he recovered. I won't reply to trolls.

@stux I guess we can choose to not entertain people who don't value basic science or lives.

@null0x0c @stux @akeno @i3x exactly! I'm sorry to hear about your uncle, but I'm glad he recovered!

@null0x0c @stux @calculsoberic @i3x Yes I am sure it was covid as your Mengele doctors are sure. Because covid cured all other diseases and people stopped dying and never died before 2020

@stux @null0x0c @calculsoberic @i3x YEs "I don’t stand for that" means free speech censorship. Because It was supported by science by scientists

@akeno @null0x0c @calculsoberic @i3x you are in my house with my rules. We are NOT a free speech instance. Respect and the truth is far more important than saying whatever you like.

@akeno @null0x0c @calculsoberic @i3x Before joining one instance I suggest you read the guidelines first before you start posting

@calculsoberic @stux @i3x I am extremely sorry that you have to go through this every single day! At least we have user based filter/mute options.

@null0x0c @stux @i3x it's ok! most of the people on here seem cool but I come across the occasional person like that.

@null0x0c @stux @calculsoberic @i3x
Its not a bug, its a ghost, your app is haunted

@null0x0c @calculsoberic @stux @i3x
As dusty houses stage a spirit so do dirty code lines hide souls of the damned between the memories forgotten by the garbage collector.

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@stux @null0x0c @calculsoberic @i3x Your truth. OK Hitler.

You didn't censor me you Fascists you censored Scientists with degrees. Keep brainwashing yourself. You are in so denial you didn't even watch the video. Get lost you are not welcome here anymore.

@null0x0c @calculsoberic @i3x @stux What do you not get? One of you 3 deleted my account for free speech. no COC violation.

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