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"Vaccine" consumers will be consumed by "vaccines".

"It is no coincidence that the century of total war coincided with the century of central banking." - Ron Paul.


There are countless possibilities for eating ideas in the 1800 calorie meal plan for weight loss. It depends on your likings and the availability of food items



Here in Salt Lake City....

When war comes, Horrible BEASTS like this are exterminated.

"If you find yourself judging, belittling, demeaning or engaging in other negative interactions with yourself or portions of yourself, or with the behavior of others, take a breath, stop, rock back on your mental or emotional heels, and ask yourself if you are appreciating and respecting the freedom and the beingness of yourself or another, for it matters not whether you are dealing with yourself or another. Respect for consciousness suggests that you and others are equally worthy of respect, care, attention, service, and above all, love."
Q'uo, Confederation of Planets,
LLResearch 1991/01/20
thought for the day:
protesting and "fighting the system" is wasted energy.
instead let's build the new socio-economic system in parallel with this one, until it finally renders it obsolete.

Just heard that a farm I buy pig from is paying a supplier with Dash, so when I buy my pork with Dash that same money is going to pay someone else. The crypto circular economy is happening!

The World Wide March for Freedom, #Amsterdam, Sat. 15 May 2021. Here's my report on what happened.

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