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Just a reminder confessed to being in 2008.

I didn't know about this at that time. I think I just got my first pc in 2008.

Making Internet available for nonconforming minds was their mistake.

Collectivists are not people, they are merely parts of a group. They are incomplete on their own.

And yet another one.

>EVANSVILLE, INDIANA — Mrs. Haley Link Brinkmeyer received her Ph.D from the University of Evansville in 2018. She married her high school sweetheart, Evan, right around the same time. Haley is now dead because mainstream and social media convinced her that experimental mRNA shots are safe and necessary for the common good.
>Mrs. Brinkmeyer received an mRNA shot on or around Tuesday, January 19. It is unclear whether it was the Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna shot. She died two days later, according to her mother, Shauna O’Neill Link. Mrs. Brinkmeyer’s sudden death shocked everyone in her family, and left her young husband with a void that is unlikely to ever be filled. A heartbroken Shauna did not mince words about her daughter’s death.
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Ethics matters.

#Jewism is the filthy ethics of humanist Jews. They have worked hard to impose Jewism upon the Western man since the 1950s. We are now 70 years into the Jewish Experiment. What are its fruits?

#FagMarriage / #DykeMarriage
✗ Worldwide #Mohammadan #terrorism
✗ ever growing debtedness with an irredeemable paper currency
#pedophilia on its way to being legalized
#deChristianization of public life
#irrationalism masquerading as science

It is the #Jews. It isn't the #Japanese, #Russians or #Chinamen who are doing this to us in the #USA, #Canada, #Australia, #NewZealand #UK.

If you’ve had your Covid vaccine make sure you wear your patch so everybody knows that you are safe to be around.

Look you've got a choice about this
"vaccine," Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, or whatever other companies shit one out.

It's not fascism, you get to choose the form of your oppressor, or you don't get to travel or go to public events ever again, and that's just what's been proposed so far.

So make the right choice, get the "vaccine" or die.

- Brought to you by a bunch of people alps saying over population is a huge problem, and the only way to save the planet is to Kill Yourself.

@Madcucks So be it. I’m not going to let some limp dick billionaire or government threaten me into doing something I don’t want to do.

I can’t fly commercial anymore? Who cares! I’ll learn how to fly and rent a Cessna if I really want to.

I’m not allowed to learn because I’m not vaxxed? Then I will rent/buy a sick RV and travel like John Daly.

The more they try to constrict us, the more will find ways around their bullshit.

You never know, it might actually be fun!

To the normies:

If a said population is composed of say roughly 2% of the total, yet, in the same breath, exercises outlandishly over-represented control of institutions, like, for example, media, how can this be explained away without an ounce of critical-thought?!:

Police chase in Hamburg, Germany, after a 17-year-old kid met some friends in a park without wearing a mask.

"Isn't it interesting how the "Follow the Science" crowd immediately ignores the actual scientody in favor of appeals to the authority of scientistry as soon as their hypotheses are subjected to the actual scientific method?"

(THREAD) Will start with my climate change thread. It needs to be reconstructed anyway.

Everything we are witnessing goes back to the Club of Rome and the Green Climate Cult (there's earlier history, but that's for another day).

The Great Reset and the consolidation of Global Power has always been the goal.

It has never been about covid, trump or protecting the earth

Here is my 500 tweet thread (typos and all ;)

* I will be using screenshots and adding important links to save some time

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