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Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Article 30

Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State, group or person any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein.

How many rights governments violated with covid19 respons?


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"The term African American generally denotes descendants of enslaved black people who are from the United States"

Let that in.

Smokers get to make a choice to kill themselves with while they kill many nonsmokers with second hand smoking in process.

Note: make billions on cigarette tax and never tried to fine or jail smokers for killing planet or people continuously.

People refusing to wear a mask are criminalized for simply Living - which is violation of . While doesn't kill anyone more than flu.

Note: governments make billions on .

Let that sink in.

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If anyone outside of would like to understand how GDPR specifically REALLY work.
They are criminal organizations helping data controller/processor to evade law by engaging in an activity and performing an act aimed at the destruction of of data subjects so controller/processor can walk with impunity. All this under supervision of corrupt . is delusional fiction, not working in reality. It's to protect corporations and companies not people.

Reporter busted for spreading

He sensed heard, saw, smelled, even tasted the virus and knew exactly when the virus was coming to attack him so he put his perfectly sealed mask on. So he doesn't transmit to his tv audience. Embodied tolerance. And he has no political agenda! 🤑 💰 💲 from bottom of his ♥️

Nobel Prize for Science winner Professor Levitt of Stanford
- one of the few who called this thing correctly back in February
- with a population fatality rate of 0.04 to 0.05%, largely regardless of lockdown

The hysteria caused by corrupt and have been atrocious


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I have an idea. When we are over playing fakeCOVID19 theater let's contain tsunamis and volcanoes next. Let government save us we give up more human rights for it as gesture of "tolerance".


What pharma mafia industry doesn't want you to see because it costs virtually nothing. You can grow it at home for free and these herbs actually worked for centuries unlike pharma toxic waste.

These herbs also help when diagnosed with test positive on

Medicinal Herbs Prove to Fight Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Android IOS

They snuck this onto everybodies phones, make sure you're fully degoogled.

On Android this depends on PlayServices/GAPPS

remove them or

Install custom rom like based @lineageos If your human rights are dear to you. On iphone you are screwed.
This proves is and present in most people as part of human -asymptomatic, and it actually is nothing else than . Conveniently they didn't test samples from previous years. They would find it there too. There was against committed and planned, spread by corrupt and bought mainstream media.
Also a reason why this was withheld until now.

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"early detection even in January could have improved the response to the pandemic. Instead, patients were probably misdiagnosed with common flu, contributing to community transmission before measures were taken."

This is disgusting lie, liers keep lying until the end.

There was no "pandemic" from March 2019 to January 2020.

That proves this non-pandemic was just the panic caused by lies spread by corrupt WHO, CDC, governments under illegal excuse for totalitarianism

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Article 3

Right to the integrity of the person

2. In the fields of medicine and biology, the following must be respected in particular:
the free and informed consent of the person concerned, according to the procedures laid down by law;

Mandatory masks and other restrictions are violation of not acceptable in democracy. This is .

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