Podcasts ranked.

1) The Fifth Column
2) Part of the Problem with Dave Smith
3) Reason Podcast (Monday Editors roundup edition)
4) Scott Horton Show
5) Your Welcome with Michael Malice
6) ContraKrugmen
7) Reason Podcast (anything other than above)
8) Ron Paul Liberty Report
9) Ben Shapiro
10) The Tom Woods Show

@YellowKing good stuff, I've listened to a number of them. big fan of Tom Woods & Bob Murphy.

I listen to a fair amount of Woods but he's a little to unyielding in his beliefs. If you haven't posted to the "Your Welcome" where Michael Malice interviews him and Matt Welsh, you really should.

@YellowKing yeah, I happened to catch that one the day it got posted actually. Was an interesting listen. Squashing the beefs...

It underscored my beef with Tom, though. He got really really pissed over something really minor. I'm more interested in building a coalition than idealistic purity and selling geisha serves no purpose.

@YellowKing I mean, I see where he's coming from on it, but I hear ya. The faster people can get over these relatively minor squabbles and work towards a common goal, the better.

@YellowKing I'm happy that the Scott Horton show is highly ranked, that's my favorite one. Best way to figure out your Houthies from your Hamas from your Hezbollahs.


I assume they're the ones to listen to In between :-)

BTW, the last show, 1060. has some great content


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