@TylerAbeoJordan I got my 2 shots, I went to a grocery store today, and I didn't wear a mask.

@TylerAbeoJordan or...maybe we know that we're a year 2 into a virus that slowly evolves when given 2 billion+ hosts to experiment with, many of whom are gullible enough to not believe in it
@jeffcliff @TylerAbeoJordan or...maybe we gas light people into injecting new strains into their bodies, thus driving new mutations and keeping the plandemic going,

also side note, what happened to regular flu?

I hope those jews a Pfizer are at least paying you, retard
@hydramacready @TylerAbeoJordan

> also side note, what happened to regular flu?

it's still around, but measures designed to prevent the transmission of the flu (masks, travel restrictions, etc) turn out to...be effective at preventing its transmission

not so effective at stopping covid though
@jeffcliff @TylerAbeoJordan

oh, so you're basically a priest of the new religion then and the jews at Pfizer aren't paying you since fanaticism is free

you're like the TV preachers that need a private jet bc allegedly you can't pray on a commercial flight

the justification is always "trust me bro, also send your money now"
@Moon @TylerAbeoJordan @hydramacready not really - there's a 99.9% reduction every year

the only difference is that last year it didn't come back
@Moon @TylerAbeoJordan @hydramacready it's definitely weird, the kind of "that's funny" that scientific advancements are usually made of
@Moon @TylerAbeoJordan @hydramacready @jeffcliff hes trying to be clever and conflate seasonal variation with flu season just not fucking happening
@jeffcliff @TylerAbeoJordan were more than year 2 into the viral life form experimenting with your body but other than that, apt description of the Jews
@TylerAbeoJordan "and if you get raped by a pack of niggers it'll be your fault"
fedi needs a feature that allows you to "like" a post multiple times
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