If anyone thinks just because they deleted their FB account they are no loner tracked, think again, every social media platform will have under-cover or Metal-gear spooks in its midst. FYI, the Internet was developed under the watchful eyes of the CIA and DARPA, google, FB, twitter etc., were all funded by the Intelligence apparatus, its the biggest data mining operation of US citizens and abroad. But its not just your Internet its your TV = TELL-A-VISION also that is being used.


Willing to bet even on this page you will find covert government spooks whoa re monitoring these pages too, it just the way things run, if you honestly think this site is totally free of these spooks than think again. We are living in a , and these same criminals have spun for the masses by saying that capitalism is good, good for whom?? the Serfs they control?? and yes you are the , you own nothing, not even your vehicle, land or any property, ZIP!!

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