If anyone thinks just because they deleted their FB account they are no loner tracked, think again, every social media platform will have under-cover or Metal-gear spooks in its midst. FYI, the Internet was developed under the watchful eyes of the CIA and DARPA, google, FB, twitter etc., were all funded by the Intelligence apparatus, its the biggest data mining operation of US citizens and abroad. But its not just your Internet its your TV = TELL-A-VISION also that is being used.


This is lengthy but if you read it all y'all will have a better understanding who the DEEP STATE is and what tools are in their tool box, just scratching the surface. The Structure of the CIA breaking them down into different branches, this information does not even scratch the surface of the Counter-intelligence services within the CIA or the interwoven relationship between there sister organizations the MOSSAD (Israeli) and MI6 (UK) Mother Firm happen to be GLADIO.

The CIA are a well funded covert-black budget organizations and even the President of the USA or should I say CEO of the corporation doing business as "The United States" is not privy to all the black-ops operations that are being used all over the global community. That includes from Economic assassins to orchestrating riots as we seen in the Ukraine, and now witnessing in Venezuela, its all done after the economic Sanctions fail or they can't get a nation into debt!!

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