So E Warren says she wants to break up FaceBook for some reason. How will all the people on FB talk to each other if that happens? Won't they all move to one of the new FB's and then won't it become as big as the original?

Regarding Amazon and Google, I just have no words.. I don't see the point of breaking them up. The reason all of these companies are big is because they're popular, and they're popular because they're doing a good job. This woman doesn't understand anything.


@gunkslinger Over 15 million users left FB and for good reasons, they are disgusting by using algorithms to censor ones post. Ex-Facebook Employee: Company Engages In "Routine Suppression" And "Deboosting" Of Conservative Pages!! Project Veritas, an organization that exposes corruption through undercover agent activists. FB whistleblower revealed FB regularly engages in "routine suppression" of conservative pages, posts, articles through "various methods."

@TokalaLuta49 I'm sure that that's true about FB, but breaking them up into many little FB's won't help. Business model and topology make it pointless. Only solution is decentralization (P2P). Either Warren is too stupid to understand that or smart enough to fear P2P's resistance to being controlled. Probably the former.

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