Major Russian TV Documentary Film Exposes LGBT Lobby, Moral Decay of West (Video)!! YouTube keeps censoring this film. That tells you everything you need to know about the anti-Christian moral rot in America. YouTube blocked the video, so are republishing it again Published this article on the blockchain-protected site, Steemit, so theoretically, it can never be taken down from there. Follow Russia Insider on Steemit to help fight back against corporate censorship.


What the LGBT community call love is a disgusting perversion. What they call diversity is one of ways to make humans into animals without moral foundation. What they call hatred is a natural defensive reaction against aggressive attack on humanity. Don't give a hoot about what they do in their own bedrooms. But we should never tolerate when sodomites are trying to convert society or our young children into sodomites. Lust is not love and banging dogs is 'diversity' too for them.

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