Henry Kissinger (Jewish) reportedly said "In order for History to succeed, it must be negotiated in total secrecy". What do General Patton and Pat Tillman have in common, they both were murdered for trying to expose the truth?
These videos are getting harder to find on YouTube

Hmm, finally Jews tell the TRUTH about the Holocaust and the real lives in the German work camps

Willing to bet even on this page you will find covert government spooks whoa re monitoring these pages too, it just the way things run, if you honestly think this site is totally free of these spooks than think again. We are living in a , and these same criminals have spun for the masses by saying that capitalism is good, good for whom?? the Serfs they control?? and yes you are the , you own nothing, not even your vehicle, land or any property, ZIP!!

The CIA are a well funded covert-black budget organizations and even the President of the USA or should I say CEO of the corporation doing business as "The United States" is not privy to all the black-ops operations that are being used all over the global community. That includes from Economic assassins to orchestrating riots as we seen in the Ukraine, and now witnessing in Venezuela, its all done after the economic Sanctions fail or they can't get a nation into debt!!

This is lengthy but if you read it all y'all will have a better understanding who the DEEP STATE is and what tools are in their tool box, just scratching the surface. The Structure of the CIA breaking them down into different branches, this information does not even scratch the surface of the Counter-intelligence services within the CIA or the interwoven relationship between there sister organizations the MOSSAD (Israeli) and MI6 (UK) Mother Firm happen to be GLADIO.

If anyone thinks just because they deleted their FB account they are no loner tracked, think again, every social media platform will have under-cover or Metal-gear spooks in its midst. FYI, the Internet was developed under the watchful eyes of the CIA and DARPA, google, FB, twitter etc., were all funded by the Intelligence apparatus, its the biggest data mining operation of US citizens and abroad. But its not just your Internet its your TV = TELL-A-VISION also that is being used.

Alfred De Zayas has endured attacks from the media and politicians for not placing the blame of the Venezuelan crisis squarely at the feet of President Maduro and his predecessor Chavez, but squarely at te feet of the US/Israeli Inc., .

Humanitarian aid from the US = GUNS AND AMMO! Bolshevik playbook 101!! Alfred De Zayas, the former UN Independent Expert on the Promotion of a Democratic and Equitable International order, who visited Venezuela to draw an independent report of the crisis. He discusses the damage US sanctions has caused to Venezuela, the motives of the US/Israeli Inc., for regime change.

The Coup Has Failed & Now the US/Israeli Inc. Is Looking to Wage War: Venezuelan Foreign Minister Speaks Out

And this is what is used by the opposition in Venezuela," Arreaza said, showing the photos of what looked like piles of heavy wire lying on the ground.

Denouncing the botched delivery as a “well-orchestrated operation to violate the territory of Venezuela,” Arreaza has presented what he called the evidence of the US-led effort being a Trojan horse, aimed at inciting a coup.
“And let me tell you, when the trucks were inspected, it turned out that there was not just food and medicine in the trucks, but there was equipment for barricades. There were nails, wire and so on and so forth.

Addressing the UN Security Council, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza has said that the trucks supposedly carrying humanitarian supplies to Venezuela were also loaded with nails and wire, showing photos of seized cargo. The opposition-led and US-backed operation to drive trucks with humanitarian aid over the Colombia-Venezuela border led to violent scuffles, which saw many police officers injured and several trucks set on fire.

The US/Israeli Inc., will create a scenario and then will accuse Venezuelan soldiers of using Novichock or some other chemical substance against the opposition demonstrators or even against the people who support President Maduro, just as they have in Syria witht he help of the White Helmets. Willing to bet they are already exercising in Colombia just for such an event.

They already did a trial out with all the smoke and injuries, the next one will be the real deal.

Well, Aid did not work for the US/Israeli Inc., Imperial Regime so the coming days and weeks we have to wait and see what the next move will be by the terrorist US/Israeli Inc. Perhaps next time they will use the White Helmets as they are now out of paid employment.
Based on historical data hmm, venture to say that we should be looking for a massacre, but personally I think that we will witness a chemical attack on opposition demonstrators.

Supplying terror-aid, this is a US/Israeli Inc., specialty and Eliot Abrams is a specialist in weaponising terrorist mercenaries with terrorist organization USAID "humanitarian aid" emergency rations of Toothpaste and Barbed Wire. Venezuela showed how isolated US/Israeli Inc., and its known satellite vassals actually have become in the 21st century community!

Already, the US/Israeli Inc., has stolen almost $30 billion dollars from Venezuela in alone, and the UK, more than $1.5 billion dollars of gold. US/Israeli Inc., and UK are robbers, liars and murderers.

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