@billblake2018 Whose collapse? Whose debt? If the Progressive-run areas can be blocked from making the rest of the country pay the bill, it can be their problem exclusively.
I see a dynamic situation that can go either way.
The Left/authoritarians generally are less strong than they look. Underneath the media veneer there is always weakness. Ex. how the Soviet Union turned out the be a paper tiger.

@billblake2018 The world is neither as good as the hype nor as bad as we fear.
I believe it can't be perfect no matter how hard we try, but that for very little effort it can be made far better. 80-20 rule.
Most of the overhyped good imho (ok it's not so humble an opinion lol) is from folks who think technology is the solution to everything, when moral improvement is needed too.
Most of the overhyped fear is from people who don't understand economics and think we're always about to collapse.

@billblake2018 Various things. I'm generally optimistic for the future, as result of recent experience.
Had clicked on some horrible fear doom-and-gloom clickbait and was freaking out but then decided to fact check it piece by piece...apparently some people make $$$ making others scared all the time?
Weird. Woulda thought there was more $$$ in telling people what they wanted to hear. Or even weirder, what if people want to hear doom-and-gloom?
But I'm rambling at this point.

BZZZZ The Cicada has checked in. To no notifications. This bug has nothing to do

@Kalmen Not sure where you're getting that idea. The Neocon hallmark is starting new wars. He hasn't.

@Kalmen $10 says Assange offered pardon for testimony on where the leaked emails really came from.
There's definitely more here than meets the eye.
Trump personally has no motive to get rid of Assange, who has leaked nothing damaging about Trump but plenty damaging about Trump's enemies.

@fribbledom No, the coolest letter is C because Cicada starts with C. :D

@ThePoliceState Why the hell does anyone need a permit to sell flowers?
BTW, is it my imagination, or do most of these cops-gone-wild stories start with a law against a victimless crime?

@insanityisfree @skepticaldeist This is true. Methinks however the bad guys would rather keep everything electronic up and running though cause their control grid plans run on it too.

@HamDancer Since when did Trump want gun control?
He offers deals he knows won't be taken as a way to show the public Dems aren't reasonable.
His court nominees show where he really stands on 2A

@skepticaldeist @insanityisfree Welcome to this wonderful site then. I go argue on Twitter too but it's so good to have a decentralized fallback they can't censor, where we can bring the world the forbidden truth.

bit.ly/2OHeZfy WATCH: Skin Cancer Survivor Ticketed for Window Tint She Had to Protect Her from the Sun

@HamDancer Socialism. Let me guess, somehow it's "racist," like everything else these days?

@HamDancer Study after study finds there's a direct connection between higher % of foreign born population in a Congressional district and the likelihood a Democrat gets elected.
And we all know the connection between Democrats being elected and government growing.
If the application of your own principles leads to the destruction of your own ability to maintain those principles, there's something wrong with your principles.

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