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@billblake2018 Various things. I'm generally optimistic for the future, as result of recent experience.
Had clicked on some horrible fear doom-and-gloom clickbait and was freaking out but then decided to fact check it piece by piece...apparently some people make $$$ making others scared all the time?
Weird. Woulda thought there was more $$$ in telling people what they wanted to hear. Or even weirder, what if people want to hear doom-and-gloom?
But I'm rambling at this point.

@TheoTheCicada I'm one of those doom and gloom types, but I won't try to sell you anything. 😀

It is true that there's a lot of BS out there, on both the optimism and the pessimism side. I follow a lot of different types, so I hear lots of different views--and I always have to sort out fact from fiction, because too many people believe things that just aren't so.

@billblake2018 The world is neither as good as the hype nor as bad as we fear.
I believe it can't be perfect no matter how hard we try, but that for very little effort it can be made far better. 80-20 rule.
Most of the overhyped good imho (ok it's not so humble an opinion lol) is from folks who think technology is the solution to everything, when moral improvement is needed too.
Most of the overhyped fear is from people who don't understand economics and think we're always about to collapse.

@TheoTheCicada Perfection means the end of goals. That is not a human condition!

Technology will get you to where you want to go, but it will not tell you where you *should* go.

I do think there will be a collapse, in the 2030's, partly for economic reasons--massive debts--and partly for political reasons--an all encompassing regulatory state. Add to that our government's increasing authoritarianism and I'm not sanguine about the future.

@billblake2018 Whose collapse? Whose debt? If the Progressive-run areas can be blocked from making the rest of the country pay the bill, it can be their problem exclusively.
I see a dynamic situation that can go either way.
The Left/authoritarians generally are less strong than they look. Underneath the media veneer there is always weakness. Ex. how the Soviet Union turned out the be a paper tiger.

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