OK so I just got back on here after a long time.
Who is this dumptrump?
Why is it 95% of the local timeline?
I thought this was a libertarian thing not a TDS site?

BZZZZ The Cicada has checked in. To no notifications. This bug has nothing to do

bit.ly/2OHeZfy WATCH: Skin Cancer Survivor Ticketed for Window Tint She Had to Protect Her from the Sun

Scott Horton on Scott Horton: The Making of a Libertarian Foreign Policy Expert by youtube.com/watch?v=luUPmixNmx

Trump survives!
Impeachment proof.
Nearly every last person he held rallies for won.
So much for all the talk he's on his way out. For better or worse, he's here to stay.
Yes, I know he's not as libertarian as ya'll would like. He's not as libertarian as I would like TBH.
But have you seen the other guys? Safe spaces, speech controls, deplatformings, mobs outside Tucker Carlson's house (coming soon to a city near you!) And they want to grab guns so we have to take it?
No comparison, go Trump!

Midterm thoughts: WOW! Those Dems just love their fraud don't they? Got speech controls on their mind and they're very determined to impose them.

Some very weight thoughts can fit in my small insect head, believe it or don't.

I will be back here more often in the future, my buzzy clear wings lifting my both my lightweight body and my weighty thoughts at the same time :D

I feel so guilty, having come back to have discovered all these people following me but I have created nothing for them to follow lol

Facebook and Twitter are trash, hacks for the corporate media establishment.
Think for yourself. Get on any and every media platform that suits you that isn't run by the same people. Insurance against suppression.

Where did the Liberty Caucus go? They still exist right?


RT @[email protected]
A significant % of both wokeness & right-wing "populism" online amount to continually aligning oneself w/ rich, powerful celebs in bogus controversies

I'm feeling quite buglike today, with my six spiky legs and my beautiful clear wings. Yourself?

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