Show more Decorated Cop Arrested for Sex With His Own K9, Now Charged With 31 Counts of Child Porn ‘I’m Willing to Go to Jail For It’: Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce New Gun Confiscation Law Workers Find Dozens of Alleged Secret Graves at Juvenile Institution Where Boys Were Tortured, Raped Free Thought Project Podcast—Guest: Scott Horton – Reviving The Antiwar Movement Highly Decorated Cop Charged With 20 Counts of Raping Dogs, Including His Own Police K9 If Trump is So Worried About ‘Fake News’ Why is He Prosecuting WikiLeaks—Who’s Been 100% Right Congresswoman Calls Out Assange’s Arrest for What It Is—A Threat to Americans to Toe the Line, Or Else WATCH: Cops Throw Innocent 16yo Girl Down Stairs, Punch, Taser, Stomp on Her—Then Lie About It Here’s Why the Book Julian Assange Was Holding When He Was Arrested is Vitally Important Fellow Cop Let Drunk Sheriff Go After DUI Stop, Then He Smashed Into Woman Head On Mom Catches CBS Using Image of Her Vaccine-Injured Child, Falsely Claiming Measles Caused It ‘It’s a War Zone’: New York Orders Forced Vaccination, Those Who Resist Face Charges Cops Invaded an Innocent Alzheimer’s Patient’s Home, Broke His Neck and Killed Him

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