Body Cam Shows 8 Cops Nearly Kill Innocent Student—For Picking Up Trash in His Own Yard Cops Raid Innocent Grandma’s Home, Mistake Grandpa’s Ashes for Heroin, Arrest Her As Denver Decriminalizes Mushrooms, Major City Moves to Decriminalize Ayahuasca, Ibogaine Too Body Cam Video ‘Missing’ from 17 Cops Who Raided 4yo Boy’s Party, Pointed Guns at Kids, Destroyed Home WATCH: Good Cop Jumps in to Stop Bad Cop from Beating Innocent Man, Bad Cop Convicted Truckers Face Years in Prison for Transporting LEGAL Hemp Because of Cops ‘Just Doing Their Jobs’ After Army Col. Warns of False Flag to Start War with Iran, US Blames Iran for Attacks WATCH: Cop Sends Tiny Woman Flying Through the Air for Filming Him, Fakes Charges—Not Disciplined Congressman Calls for Banning Bitcoin Because it ‘Takes Power’ from the Corrupt Federal Reserve WATCH: Cops Break Into Innocent Man’s Home, Hold Him at Gunpoint, Force K-9 to Shred Him Family Sues After Video Shows Cop Mow Down Boy with Cruiser for Improper Bicycle Light WATCH: Cop Shoots Fleeing Man in the Back in a Crowd of People, And Then Gets Swarmed State Passes Groundbreaking Bill Allowing K-12 Students to Consume Medical Marijuana at School WATCH: Woman Tells Cop ‘I’m Pregnant’ Before He Shoots Her 5 Times, Killing Her

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