WATCH: Innocent Man Asks Cop for His Name, Cop Says ‘F**k You is My Name’ Officer Commits Suicide After Making Videos Sexually Assaulting a Child in His Patrol Car Video Shows Cop Walk Up to Innocent Retired 63yo Veteran, Attack and Arrest Him for No Reason WATCH: Crazed Cop Holds Man at Gunpoint for Not Leaving Gas Station Fast Enough WATCH: Cop Loses It When Citizen Catches Him Breaking the Law—Video Gets Cop in Trouble Horrifying Video Shows Cops Taser, Pepper Spray Unarmed Dad to DEATH—for Walking in Road California Senate Passes Revolutionary Bill to Bypass Federal Reserve, Create Cannabis Banking Industry Video Shows Cops Respond to Hostage Situation by Killing the Hostage—No One Fired Police Found Complicit in Conspiracy to Cover Up Massive Child Sex Ring in Catholic Church ‘I Slept on the Floor..Next to the Toilet’: Cops Shackled Grandma in a Cage for Days for CBD Oil Cop Caught on Video Harassing, Fining Flood Victims for Trying to Help Each Other Infuriating Video Shows Great-Grandma in Panic as Cops Arrest Her for CBD to Treat Arthritis New Body Cam Shows Cops Trying to Cover for Fellow Cop who Murdered Justine Damond WATCH: Cops Open Door to Home, Don’t ID Themselves, Kill Innocent Unarmed Teen and a Dog WATCH: Toddler Terrified as Cop Beats Her Innocent Mom Over Alleged Speeding Ticket Over a Dozen Children Come Forward, Exposing Network of Pedophile Cops Abusing Them for Years Video Shows Cop Shoot Innocent Mentally Disabled Man Because He Asked for a Quarter Body Cam Shows 8 Cops Nearly Kill Innocent Student—For Picking Up Trash in His Own Yard

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