The Illusion of Choice—These 11 Companies Control Nearly Everything You Buy Keanu Reeves Has Been Running a Secret Cancer Foundation to Fund Children’s Hospitals Coward Cop Who Failed to Confront Parkland Shooter Says He Had ‘No Legal Duty’ to Act—Law Says He’s Right In 2019, Scientists Funded by Bill Gates to Spray Particles Into the Sky in First Experiment to Dim the Sun Police Dismantle Massive Child Sex Slavery Ring Run By Israelis, Fmr IDF Soldier—MSM Silent Congress Hid Illegal Legislation in Farm Bill to Further Support Horrific Genocide in Yemen and It Passed Good Samaritan Stops to Help Crash Victims, So Cops Detain Him and Steal His Car 78-Year-Old Man in Wheelchair Evicted to Freezing Streets for Treating Pain With Legal Medical Pot As Gov’t Failed to Provide, Anarchists Stepped in to Help Fire Refugees Living in a Walmart Parking Lot Nevada Man Blinded, Paralyzed, and Nearly Died After Getting the Flu Shot The Largest Pushers of Conspiracy Theories Are MSM And The US State Department ‘Yellow Vest’ Protests Spreading to Other Countries as Citizens Rise Up Against Corrupt Gov’t WATCH: Cop Chokes Out and Body Slams 14yo Girl and Her Sister for Allegedly Filming Them New Gov’t Docs Reveal Parts of CIA Mind Control Program MK-Ultra Were Actually “Successful” Utterly Horrifying Video Shows NYPD Cops Rip Baby from Mother’s Arms as She Waited for Food Stamps WATCH: Crowd Erupts in Anger as Cops Beat 5’1″ Handcuffed Man and Pull Down His Pants The Free Thought Project Podcast – Episode #6 | Dissecting The Bush Funeral Circus High-Ranking Military Commander Busted in FBI Child Sex Trafficking Sting WATCH: Plainclothes Cops Surround Unarmed Father of 3 and Murder Him Execution Style—No Charges “I Know Where All The Bodies Are Buried”: Clinton Foundation CFO Spills the Beans to FBI, IRS

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