Excellent 2-page summary of many of the key ideas behind Critical Race Theory. Demonstrates how CRT is an anti-liberty Marxist-gnostic ideology and corrosive to any free and peaceful society.

Interesting perspective on the FDA's typical approach to adverse drug reactions vs the record of the current new covid vax. Is there a double standard being used, and if so, why?

CDC finally admits that covid security theater (masks, social distancing, etc.) is pointless for those who have had the vaccine. So why not for those with naturally acquired immunity? And why did this take so long?

Latest data suggests excess mortality in the US has gone away and monthly deaths are back to historical levels. Given that vaccinations and natural immunity will only increase going forward, this suggests covid mortality impact is done.

So where did the 6 feet guidance come from originally? Perhaps not as scientifically based as one might hope, if the virus is mainly spread through minute aerosols.

Another provocative essay regarding the goals of libertarianism and why classic political participation may not get to the best outcomes:

Good summary of reasons why people who are not in a high risk group might be hesitant of taking the new covid vaccines: lewrockwell.com/2021/04/no_aut

Good to see that finally some Christian leaders are stepping up and publicly opposing covid tyranny based on religious and moral principles (regardless of the merits on a empirical basis): unherd.com/thepost/church-lead

Provocative thoughts on a new approach to political battles for libertarians that emphasizes policy gains instead of candidate victories: checkmatestate.substack.com/p/

Excellent collection of scientific articles regarding the effectiveness of masks against Covid. Watch the 3 minute video of mask use while vaping for a stark visual of the impact on particles much larger than virus aerosols.

Long but interesting interview between RFK Jr. and Alex Berenson on the perplexing and sad death of investigative journalism. When the press becomes nothing more than a propaganda machine for the regime, it is hard to maintain freedom.

This is perhaps the most egregious double standard around Covid. CDC guidance for investigating infection after vaccination says a covid case is having a positive PCR test only if it is under 29 cycles. Based on that standard, 80-90% of all the positive "cases" would never have been classified as covid, including nearly all the asymptomatic ones. Then lockdowns and masking of otherwise healthy people would never have been sustainable!

Many claim that even if they don't work, masks are really "no big deal" so we should accept them. But do they potentially have negative health consequences (aside from any comfort or political significance)? This recent study suggests so:

Over $2 trillion. That has been the cost of the war in Afghanistan over the past 20 years, and we have accomplished essentially nothing productive. Staggering. fee.org/articles/new-report-ex

Here's a list of the largest settlements against pharma companies for their deceptive & harmful practices marketing drugs. Yet we are supposed to believe that these companies would never promote vaccines that are potentially harmful?

Does this collection of admissions from WHO staff or prominent supporters undermine the idea that the new covid vaccines are safe and effective? You can review and decide for yourself:

Are Covid death counts vastly overstated by official sources? This excess death analysis using official statistics from Ireland suggest that true excess mortality is far lower than the headline numbers being reported:

What is going to happen to those that do not take the covid vaccine? Time to start thinking about how to protect their rights as this situation evolves. Still no meaningful discussion of medical or religious exemptions either.

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