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One more of the 5000 reasons why I never miss a Scott Horton Interview:
Alfred McCoy: How Washington Lost the Ultimate Drug War

Before Facebook, Twitter, and web forums, there was . Usenet was the original "social media." Because it was text based, it was fast, and best of all, it was decentralized and uncensored.

Usenet is still around, even if it's not as popular as it once was. offers free Usenet accounts (text only, no binaries). Thunderbird works splendidly as a newsreader.

When you open an account, make sure to post to the alt.current-events.epidemics group. I'm trying to revive it!


Spanish women have lot more balls than many men 👏 . #waifu

Que gran discurso de esta parlamentaria Española, me bajo el sombrero. Tiene mas cojones que muchos hombres.

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