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Trump expressed support for mask-wearing, yet he & his family have declined to wear them, where they were required. He has also voiced his support for those opposed to masks
He has encouraged state wide mask mandates & fines. IOWA, MISSOURI, OKLAHOMA, IDAHO, ALASKA, & MONTANA.
He has threatened to WITHHOLD FED FUNDS, to states that don't adhere to WH, WEEKLY MEMOS & mandates
Idaho you can be charged w/a misdemeanor, up to $300 & up to 6mo. in jail
Ck link for your state

Okay.. Sick and twisted from start to finish to injection.
I am going down the sick and twisted rabbit hole. How do we know the embryo / fetus / DNA, was White?
In the USA most abortions are performed on Black Americans.
Where were the parents from?
Is it French Canadian?
From the UK?
Chinese or what!?
There were lots of countries involved in this fiasco.

If a Black or Asian baby was on the poster... Then what? Racist?
More people would pay attention?

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