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European conservatism is what American conservatives aspire to

How many times do we have to go over this? twitter.com/SenatorBrakey/stat

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So, when Trump wins in 2024 and his HHS secretary declares that promoting vaccines is "misinformation" what happens then? twitter.com/jkosseff/status/14

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@DrewFromTV the new Cleveland Guardians. @bader_diedrich @WhoseRyanStiles @CraigyFerg

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What's commercial space, you ask? Commercial space is a privately developed rocket that saves the government 2 damn billion dollars.

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I like Cleveland's chances against the Gotham Knights, but they don't match up well with the Metropolis Meteors.

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If this isn't the mascot for the new they're missing out.

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A coalition of New York public defender groups have filed an amicus brief urging the Supreme Court to strike down the state's strict limitations on concealed carry as a violation of the Second Amendment. s3.documentcloud.org/documents

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Laughing when a vax opponent gets sick, and particularly when one dies, is a shitty look. If there's such a thing as tempting fate, that's doing it. Be better.

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I don't understand how people can think our law enforcement mechanisms are working properly in this country when you can so readily use 911 as a murder weapon.


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The only crossover I want and don’t want all at the same time

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Poor, poor Brisbane. This nightmare is on their plate 11 years from now. Hope they survive the experience. twitter.com/AP_Sports/status/1

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I, too, miss the *checks notes* Cold War vanity project of politicians and dictators engaged in a militarized space race. Much better than peaceful, commercial space tourism. twitter.com/matthewamiller/sta

Have the IRS handle people’s tax prep? That’s like abolishing defense attorneys in favor of having the DAs office handle criminal defense cases.
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Intuit spent years chasing profits under the guise of helping low-income taxpayers. The government shouldn't be relying on private industry to provide essential services. The IRS can, and should, create its own free tax preparation and filing system. nytimes.com/20…

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I kind of love that the modern space race is between rich guys instead of nations.

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"We could have the government spend that money on parks and healthcare and feeding people instead!"

The government:

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You could trim the Pentagon’s budget by 2% and save several times over more money every year than Bezos has spent in total on space.

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