There are two types of people in the world:
Those who say Saigon

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being so massively compromised seems like justification to require government social media be self hosted on the

There are legitimate national security issues with putting official government info on Twitter at this point

Of the people I expected to die in 2020, Grant Imahara was basically at the back of the list. Both surviving Beatles, Barry Gibb, and William Shatner all outlived the 49-year old. I'd have been more worried about Tory than Grant.

Really, 2020 is basically just an amalgymation of the pandemic of 1918, the riot violence of 1919, and the depression of 1920.
So in other words it's as bad as three of the twentieth century's worst years (for Americans).

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Op-Ed: There's No Such Thing As Bully Culture, It's Just My Fist's Free Market Response To Your Stupid Face, Dweeb #Comedy

Full-List of bots:

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STEM turning into STEAM is a dumb idea and I don't like it

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I'm going cold turkey on Twitter now, so I guess that makes Liberdon my new home. Not gonna make everything political but it's nice to share a home base with people who aren't gonna call me a self-loathing nazi. I grew out of that when I turned 15.

I'm probably missing some steps here, too.
The alternative, if he wanted to go legit, would be to pay the protagonists a grand for each vial of blood and send them on their merry way while he tries to analyze that.
It's like the scriptwriter never learned what using money is actually like, for sure they've never met a capitalist in their life.

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that when it doesn't work gets you sued anyway for false advertizing and probably a whole host of other activities; furthermore, after all this, if you get shot by your by now irate test subjects they can totally claim self defense.

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you have to set up your labratory with unnecessary instruments of torture that will make your subjects resent you more and more; and after all that, easily millions of dollars down the hole, you have to actually have someone willing to buy your then inevitably overpriced (because this is a movie villain, they can't have any knowledge of "economy of scale" or even just "supply and demand") wonder drug...

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then you have to hire a PMC to do hit work, and for every soldier killed, you have to pay financial support for their family, of which probably dozens get torn apart in the scheme; after that, assuming you still have the budget...

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First, you have to have high ranking politicians and judges in your pockets for you to not be completely foiled by some intern whistleblower who has morals, which would easily cost you in the thousands a month each; then after that you have to make sure none of your underlings have morals, which takes inefficient screening processes and monitoring;

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I just watched The Old Guard and it was okay I guess.
the biggest problem I have with it is the completely nonsensical villain, Steve Merrick. Allegedly his motivation as a villain is profit, but, like... it's so much more expensive to be a movie villain than not to be one, there's just no comparison.

"Nevertheless, in most advanced countries, the following will be pretty generally applicable...Establishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture."
communist manifesto, chapter 2
read your own book sometime ree ree radicals, karl marx wanted guns in the hands of the proletariat

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