The more time I spend in Coronado, the more I feel like it's the greatest city in California.

I miss my iPod, I think I'm gonna end up buying another whenever I get the chance.

Singular they has been gramatically fine in English since the 14th century, the opposition to it only came around in 2015 with the whole anti-sjw/skeptic phase the Internet went through

There's a mid-late '90s Bee Gees song I know I listened to and liked back in August but I can't find any evidence it ever existed

You know, despite being twin brothers, Robin and Maurice didn't look very similar as adults.

I think I'm gonna need a new glasses prescription.

Ah well. On the bright side, I don't have to worry so much about publicly calling for the South to rise once more.

So, the ex joined a poly relationship with one of her friends that I honestly knew she was going to date eventually, and the guy she got with offered to date me too. Keep in mind, we haven't even been in the same general vicinity as each other ever, let alone spoken words.
Because that's how you make a good first impression with somebody, ask to date them before you've so much as exchanged names as a package deal with the one you actually care about.

Your right to keep and bear arms can be revoked at any moment by any cop, who can execute you in the street while being cheered by the NRA.

When Republicans say "law abiding" gun owners they mean "white."

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The NSA is thanking their employees

I'd like to participate

Reminder that no matter who runs the app, eventuality all central communication will be spyed on

Jesus Christ, Biden is like the public image of Trump but as an actual person

I'm the first person to call for the breakup of empires, but what if Mongolia took China back

BokmΓ₯l is just a regional dialect of Danish, landsmΓ₯l (or at least nynorsk) should be the standard.

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