"The International Federation of Journalists, representing more than 600,000 journalists worldwide, calls for Julian Assange's immediate release" #FreeAssangeNOW #JournalismIsNotACrime t.co/ONzy2lriSr

A fantastic interview with Lily Tang Williams who left communist China and is running for Congress.

Also how cancel culture reminds her too much of old Chinese communist tactics.


At the sold-out #libertyforum? Come see us in the vendor room right by the front door! We've got lots of NH Goldbacks and Shire Society declarations too!

Hasan Piker is the rich bastard that he claims to be fighting in rhetoric. (Video below)


Antiwork subreddit moderator goes on to Fox News and it goes about as well as you would expect. (Video below)


The Left doesn't waste any time dancing on the grave of those they disagree with. (Video below)


Two types of people call the events of an .

1) Ignorant people.

2) People who worship at the altar of the State.

Normal people know it was nothing more then some idiots throwing a temper tantrum because orange man lost.

Biden calls for segregating your kids from the unvaccinated. (Video below)


Motherfucking Swiss Stasi gave me 100.- for shopping food without a mask but with an exception from my doctor.

Happy new year slaves

Think of everything you do that you believe has value. Every act of creativity, kindness, work, volunteer action, anything.

Now think about how many of those you get paid for.

This is why I'm still obsessed with crypto 8+ years later. We're leaving so much value on the table.

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