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@d3cker I'm on liberdon, and you're on gab, so I guess so. :)


The "epidemic" starts end ends with the government and Big Pharma.

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FLASH: Judge Denies Jeffrey Epstein Bail in Sex Trafficking Case 

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8:59 AM - 18 Jul 2019

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Fuck the Mormon Church. They fought against legalization of weed.

Shut them down and take their liberty, if they want to take everybody else's liberty.


They are not in control, so you can ignore them. Facebook and Twitter are in total control and can shut you down.

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Herman Goring cited the exact formula the goonerment goonsquad can (and does) use to stir up "patriotism" in men's hearts so they will blindly do the bidding of the "masters". Works every time it's tried. PLEASE WISE UP!!

@iprazhm The government is psychotic, so if you love the government, there is something badly wrong with you.


Their color is not the issue. Their socialism is the issue.


As Democrats go, she's not bad.

At least she wants to end all these stupid wars.


You only oppose Bernie because he's Jewish. Antisemitism!

@breitbartnews_bot @realDonaldTrump

Maybe you guys should call everybody "racist". That worked great for the Leftists last time around!


There is nothing wrong with boycotting a tyrannous state.

Seems like you don't understand what "Antisemitism" means. It means hating Jews, not being unhappy with the government of Israel.

@adrint @RealAlexJones

Well, them too ...

But DC are the ones fighting and war and the ones waging the war.

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