OK, I'm doing it. Set my account to redirect to brychan@liberdon.com

Go follow me there!

So of course after getting a bunch of new followers, I'm thinking of porting my actual profile over here to a new account with a not-so-silly and long handle. πŸ˜‚

I slapped this together just to try it out, and I'm liking it!

@Liberty4Masses I was just looking for a general Libertarian instance. Found a few dead ones until I found this one.
I tried Mastodon when it was released, but of course there wasn't anyone on it yet.

who's trying to have a less argumentative social media experience. Also I like trying new shit.

9/10 of the invocations of "the common good" I ever heard were really just about the particular good of one faction at the expense of another.

@TheoTheCicada Ye ol' "Social Contact" that only the one who invocates it has ever signed.

I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have. - Thomas Jefferson #famous #quotes

@dtluna Police? Sure.

I know a few homicide detectives who are great people though.

1. RTs are Boosts, Likes are Favorites.
2. Boost & Like numbers aren't shown until you click the toot to prevent mobbing/ratio-trolling. (Smart)
3. You can only Boost (RT) without comment. Prevents cherry-picking the worst posts in order to strawman the worst examples (Very smart)
4. The Federated Timeline is those in your instance, and who people in your instance follow. It is not the "firehose" of every toot from every instance.
5. Dez Nuts

@b_cavello There's always interesting people to follow.

Like MMMEEEEE! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚

@Seebee@mastodon.social @jephistopheles@mastodon.social it's all clear as day now

Victory: Virginia Supreme Court Delivers Blow to Police Use of License Plate Reader Technology to Track Drivers, Surveil Citizens t.co/kofkkvK5P8

@TheoTheCicada ProTip: The Federated timeline isn't every Mastodon instance, but those whom within YOUR instance are followed.

Took some research to figure that out.

There's little too dispute that the current extremes are desperately grasping for those last grains of sand that are slipping through their fingers and ever exponential speed.

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